Tesla Berlin plant to shut down due to escalating Russia-Ukraine conflict

According to teslarati reports, due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the German government is considering a natural gas embargo against Russia. This may lead to the shutdown of Tesla’s Berlin plant in Germany. After months of delays, Tesla was given permission to start production and deliveries at its Berlin plant in February. Teslarati quoted German media Berliner-Kurier as saying that sanctions against Russia could lead to the shutdown of Tesla’s German factory.

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If Germany decides to impose a gas embargo on Russia, Tesla’s Berlin plant “must close”. This is because the plant relies on natural gas for 60% of its energy needs, said Benjamin Raschke, leader of the Brandenburg state Green Council group.

According to Benjamin Raschke,

“If Russia cuts off the gas supply to Germany, the German government will give priority to consumers and citizens. This priority will limit the supply of gas to hospitals and schools, and companies like Tesla that operate large industrial projects. In this situation, we may have to face production shutdowns.”

Major Tesla shareholder says ‘Musk’s stake in Twitter doesn’t make sense’

Ron Baron, one of Tesla’s largest shareholders, said he believes Elon Musk’s 9.2% stake in Twitter and his board seat don’t make sense.

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“I don’t think it makes any sense,” Barron said in an interview Thursday. “$3 billion is a small investment for someone who is worth $300 billion. He owns a Tesla that’s worth $1 trillion dollars, and it’s moving towards $3 trillion or $4 trillion.”

As Barron’s CEO, Barron said that when his asset management group found out that Musk was investing in Twitter and joining its board, they decided not to buy any shares in Twitter. Barron also dismissed any concerns that Musk’s Twitter stake could have an impact on Tesla. “When you focus on something that doesn’t make sense and will never have any impact on anything, you lose focus on the big picture.”

Tesla responds to a brake failure

Mr Nie from Wuhan reported to Red Star News that he owned a 5-year-old Tesla Model X 100D. He claims to be driving on March 25 with the brakes failing and the steering wheel not turning.

Allegedly, he was driving a vehicle in an underground garage at the time. He stepped on the brakes at a speed of about 30km/h. After 5 seconds, the vehicle hit the wall at a speed of 15km/h, causing serious damage to the vehicle.

In this regard, Tesla claims that the accident is due to the owner’s excessive speed on the wet slippery floor of the parking lot.

The speed of the vehicle before the driver stepped on the brake was 30.8km/h. At that time, the adhesion of the tires to the road surface was low, which had nothing to do with the quality of the Tesla itself.

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