Top 10 unpopular but useful Android apps that you really need to check

The Android open platform has about 1.3 million applications more than the iOS platform. While Android currently has approximately 3.5 million apps, the iOS platform has about 2.2 million apps. Since Android is open-source, there are more unique applications on the platform. These apps in many cases offer marvellous services but they are not so popular. Thus, we are taking a look at the apps that you probably have not heard of but they deliver just what you will need. There is a niche of people that are not so keen on popular apps because these apps have their challenges. Popular apps usually have issues ranging from privacy to exorbitant subscriptions. Some of the apps on the list are from big companies but they are still not popular. It is important to note that this list contains just the first batch of unpopular but useful Android apps.

Top 10 unpopular but useful Android apps

Before we commence the discussion on the apps, it is important to note that they are not listed in order of importance. Thus, being in the number one spot does not make the app better than others.

1. Bromite

Are you tired of the aggressive advertising on the Chrome browser? Then you might just have to consider using Bromite. This app is a “Chrome nightmare” that comes with privacy enhancement as well as in-built ad-blocking. All its patches are under GNU/GPL v3 and this means that the app itself is also open-source. This application offers the same user interface as Chrome but keeps this much simpler. Considering the workability of this app, we do not expect it to be on the PlayStore, and it’s not. Nevertheless, you can download the app either from the company’s website or on GitHub

Top 10 indie Android apps

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2. Snapdrop for Android

Ever heard of Snapdrop? Probably not. This is one of many Android apps that performs a similar function. Snapdrop allows users to share files from one device to another just like MiDrop in Xiaomi smartphones. If you are looking for a file-sharing app without ads, then you should consider Snapdrop. Interestingly, this application is open-source and also free. However, just like other file-sharing apps, both devices must have the app for sharing to proceed.

Top 10 indie Android apps

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3. TrailLink: Trail Maps & Trail Guide – Walk & Bike

If you have ever used Google Maps for direction, then you should know its deficiency. Google Maps only works effectively for major roads and streets. However, for minor trails and footpaths, Google Maps takes a bow. This is where TrailLink comes in. If you are a biker, skater or you walk a lot, then you may need this app more than you can ever imagine.

Top 10 indie Android apps

The trails are built up by users of the app. This application uses crowdsourcing to build up its trail database for everyone. Thus, everyone is free to use this app to find trails and also put in new trails for others to use. There are not many apps like this and its functions are quite unique. However, the downside of this app is that if the users in the area you are finding a trail are not many, then you may not find any trails. For this app to be effective, it needs to be popular. Because the more its popularity, the more its trail database.

TrailLink: Trail Maps & Trail Guide – Walk & Bike fee and download links

4. Squid – Take Notes & Markup PDF

Squid note-taking app uses a vector-based text which allows the text to be visible and readable at all zoom levels. This is the selling point of this app. There are many Android apps that perform the same function. However, Squid is a great tool for students who will need to do a lot of zooming in to get some small information. Furthermore, this is also a great application for taking handwritten notes. Like many other apps on the PlayStore, this app has both free and paid subscription plans. The paid subscribers will have access to PDF importing and colour backgrounds.

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5. Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

This application is a completely free audio recording app for Android. There are not many Android apps that offer the same features for free. We all know that Dolby is not an unpopular name but the Dolby On app is pretty unknown. Some of the features that this app offers for free include noise reduction, de-essing, and fade-in/out. Furthermore, this application also supports spatial audio as well as an in-built EQ. These features make it possible to record sound in a very noisy place without disturbance.

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Top 10 indie Android apps

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6. MarinDeck for TweetDeck

Are you an avid Twitter user? Have you ever used TweetDeck? If you have, then MarinDeck offers similar services. If you have been craving for TweetDeck to come back, then you may have to pitch your tent with MarinDeck until then. This app was first released in Japanese but after positive feedback, the application is now available in English. Simply put, MarinDeck is a TweetDeck clone that offers an excellent gallery view to boot.


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7. Caffeine – Keep Screen On

If you need your screen always on, then Caffeine will keep it on for as long as you need it to be on. As we all know, the always-on feature on Android currently has a limit. Usually, the always-on feature on Android does not exceed 10 minutes. Thus, Caffeine will help you to increase this time to hours if you want. It is a pretty useful app for Android. Please note that the app will not appear on your app drawer after installation. It will appear as a tile in your status bar pulldown.


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8. Dream by WOMBO

There are many options of Android apps that will give you a professional paint job. However, Dream by WOMBO, though not popular, it stands out. This app uses AI to generate a painting using keywords and artists that you have selected.


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9. NewPipe

Do you hate the ads on YouTube? If your answer is yes, then you got an Android app that can save you the irritation. NewPipe eliminates the ads on YouTube. Considering that it is going against Google, you don’t expect to find such an app on PlayStore. This application is available on F-Droid. In addition to the fact that it is open-source, this app is also free for Android users. If you want to update this app regularly without installing new versions, you can use F-Droid’s client.


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10. Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

There are tons of Android apps on Google PlayStore for weather forecasts. However, not many of these are single-screen radar applications. Thankfully, Flowx is one and it stands out. The single-screen radar app means that all the information you need will be displayed on a single screen.

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