iOS 16 custom lock screen is all Xiaomi – Apple copies Xiaomi again!!!

You are probably here wondering WTF is this guy saying. Well, as much as you do not want to hear the phrase “Apple copies Xiaomi”, it is our current reality. A few hours ago, Apple held its annual WWDC conference where it officially announced the iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9. The company also officially unveiled the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro all with its new M2 chips. As one of the focuses of the conference, iOS 16 has attracted continuous discussions among netizens after its release. What keeps everyone complaining is the gradual Android lock screen interface.

Apple iOS 16
iOS 16 Super Wallpaper

It is worth mentioning that in iOS 16, Apple brings Earth-themed super wallpapers to the iPhone. Well, Xiaomi launched the Earth-themed super wallpaper as early as 2020 on its smartphones. Therefore, many netizens are now saying “Everything is based on MIUI“. You also hear phrases like “iOS mimicking MIUI” and so on. Would you blame users? After all, the wallpaper is the first thing you see when you pick up the smartphone. Thus, if the iPhone is using a Xiaomi-like wallpaper, users won’t be so wrong to believe that the system is an MIUI-copy.

iOS 16 Super Wallpaper
MIUI Super Wallpaper

However, comparing the iOS Earth wallpaper to that of MIUI, the latter is a low-version. The unlocking animation and playability are not as good as the MIUI Earth wallpaper.

Gizchina News of the week

As we may all know, the MIUI 12 launched the super wallpaper function for the first time. Taking the theme of Mars as an example, in the screen-off environment, the screen of the mobile phone will show the whole picture of Mars. The screen will be enlarged so that the user can see Mars clearly. When the unlocking is complete and entering the system desktop, the screen will enlarge. Finally, the mountains and textures of Mars will be shown to the user.

From a comparison point of view, the super wallpaper of iOS 16 is a little less shocking when it is unlocked. Although it pays tribute to the MIUI super wallpaper, the essence is not learned.

Apple copies Xiaomi last year

This is not the first time that Apple will be copying something that Xiaomi has used before. Last year, in an invitation letter for its upcoming press conference, Apple used a design that Xiaomi used back in 2018. However, as we would expect, after posting the report, many Apple fanboys put up a strong argument. See some of the arguments below

A GizChina commenter “Ch4rleee” said

“Woah apple just took an xiaomi poster and its a big deal????? And when xiaomi copies a whole laptop of apple and its nothing?????? Nice”

Another “Rahul Jain” said

“Please add a dislike button. I am gonna hit it so hard it cries your name out”.

Yet another “Freeje238” said

“It’s just a damned poster. Not even an original from Xiaomi”.

Even though we are used to Xiaomi copying Apple, we can not deny when the reverse is the case. It is what it is. If you have a strong argument to put up, please use the comment section below.

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  1. June 7, 2022

    Americans and Apple Fans will strongly disagree. After all, they live under a reality distortion field. Face the facts, EVERYONE copies in some form or other.