WhatsApp warns of fake versions that steal your personal data


WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart posted a message on Twitter warning users of the Android messenger against installing fake versions of the software. WhatsApp is not only one of the most popular communication services, but also an attractive target for attackers trying to deceive users.

In a tweet, Cathcart claimed that the company’s cybersecurity team had discovered malicious applications that act as WhatsApp-like services. We are talking about software downloaded outside the Google Play marketplace. It is known as the Hey WhatsApp application and other clones of the messenger.

The Internet is flooded with malicious clones of the WhatsApp messenger


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Reminder to Whatsapp users that downloading a fake or modified version of WhatsApp is never a good idea. These apps sound harmless but they may work around WhatsApp privacy and security guarantees.”. “Recently our security team discovered hidden malware within apps – offered outside of Google Play – from a developer called “HeyMods” that included “Hey WhatsApp” and others” the tweet read.

The developer promised that alternative applications provide new features; but in fact they are just tools for fraudsters to steal personal information from smartphones. The company shared the discovered data with Google and, together with the tech giant, organized the fight against malware. Fake versions of the app are missing from Google Play, but the attackers encourage users to download them from unofficial sources.

According to Cathcart on Twitter; Google Play Protect for Android is able to detect and disable previously downloaded fake versions of the messenger. The head of the company praised the help of Google for its ongoing work; to prevent the spread of malicious applications on Android devices.

In February, the number of WhatsApp active users reached two billion; so the attackers have a huge audience that they can manipulate to achieve criminal goals. We advise you to only use the official version of the app available in the Google Play store.

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