China-Taiwan Tension Could Delay IPhone 14

Apple’s much expected device, the iPhone 14 could delay beyond the expected release date. This could happen due to the heightened tension between Taiwan and China. But what has a Tension between two Asian countries have to do with an American company like Apple?

Recently, the Speaker of US House Of Representatives Nancy Pelosi made a shocking visit to Taiwan. This has raised a lot of great concerns with regard to the Tension between China and Taiwan. Like I asked, what has this gotten to do with the release of iPhone?

IPhone 14

As you might already know, Apple happens to be a top business Partner of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). As a Chipset manufacturer, they are responsible for manufacturing the Bionic Chips used in Iphones. After manufacturing the chips, they are shipped to Pegatron in China where Iphones are assembled.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has tighten things in an even worse conditions. Due to her visit to Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has put a new policy in place. This policy forbids the mention of ‘Taiwan’ or  ‘Republic Of China’ in any shipping document.

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IPhone 14

How This Could Affect The Launch Of The IPhone 14

With this regulation in place, it means every hardware that has been already shipped from TSMC to Pegatron could return to Taiwan. Since most of these hardware shipped from Taiwan to China either have ‘Taiwan’ or ‘Republic Of China’ inscription on them. They all need to go back to Taiwan.

What could have possibly provoked the CCP to put this policy in place? It could mostly be associated with the fact that Pegatron vice chairman and top executives of TSMC were seen together with Pelosi.

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How Apple Plans To Avoid Delayed IPhone 14

According to reports, Apple has already asked the Taiwanese partners to start removing all made in Taiwan or Republic Of China inscriptions from the hardwares that bare such inscriptions.

This also goes on to explain the reason why Apple has decided to manufacture some of the iPhone 14 series in India for the first time ever. Doing so will help Apple cut down the delay period. The launch event for the iPhone 14 series is just around the corner and they need to do some real quick.

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