Apple iOS 16: Here are the new features of the Weather App

iOS 16

Apple has made some changes to the weather application in iOS 16, including new notification types. The company also adds some information to provide you with services from humidity, and temperature to visibility. In addition, many of the new features in the new Weather app are integrated into Apple’s previously acquired Dark Sky content. Let’s take a look at some of the new features that the Apple iOS 16 brings to the Weather App.

New features of the iOS 16 Weather App


There have been no major updates to the overall design of the Weather app, but Apple has provided more information. Weather apps have long had small modules that show you a variety of information, including a 10-day forecast, daily temperature, air quality, precipitation, UV index, sunset/sunrise time, wind, humidity, sensory temperature, visibility and pressure, and more.

iOS 16

However, the company now improves the useability of these features to make them more convenient. Users can now click into any of these modules for more information, and quick toggles are also supported.


The temperature section shows a graph of the temperature throughout the day. This includes the variation in temperature throughout the day like the highs and lows. Furthermore, this effectively tackles an issue with the iOS 15 Weather app. Recall that with the iOS 15 Weather app, there were complaints that users could not tell when there are daily lows. However, this is no longer an issue with the iOS 16 weather app. Additionally, this section provides a textual overview of weather conditions.

iOS 16

In the 10-day weather forecast, you can click on any day to see a graph of the daily temperature range. In addition, there is an option to see a larger colour map of the temperature. These upgrades make the temperature check feature more convenient to use.

Air quality

The iOS 16 Weather App also shows the Air Quality tile. This reflects as a graph of current air conditions in your area. In addition, the graph also reveals additional information on current conditions and the health effects of major pollutants. Furthermore, you can also see a larger map of air quality, which is also expected to be provided by “zephyr weather”.

iOS 16


The new “Precipitation” is similar to the previous version’s precipitation feature in terms of the information it shows. The new version shows a map of where the storm will hit. Furthermore, it also gives information on a 12-hour rainfall forecast as well as an interface showing details of the total amount of precipitation over the past 24 hours. In addition, the feature gives specifics such as where how much rain, sleet, or snow fell at the time.

Apple iOS 16

Sensory temperature

This section provides a second temperature graph, combined with some other factors such as temperature, humidity, wind, etc. You can get a better understanding of the changes in ambient temperature.

Apple iOS 16

UV Index

As the name suggests, the UV Index shows the current UV level and the maximum UV level during the day. It also provides an introduction, such as a recommended sun protection level.

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Apple iOS 16

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Sunset and sunrise

This feature is quite simple and straightforward. It simply lets the user knows when “Sunset and Sunrise” occurs. This feature also includes monthly sunrise and sunset averages and total daylight readings.

Apple iOS 16


Just like the conventional wind vane, this feature mainly gives information on daily wind speed summaries. In addition, this section also provides information on wind speed as well as wind direction throughout the day. The information is available in a chart thus users can easily understand the information.

Apple iOS 16


The humidity section shows a graph of humidity throughout the day. This section is subdivided into six hour increments. This means that it reveals the humidity value every six hours within a day. It also provides information such as average humidity and dew point.



As the name suggests, it provides visibility ranges throughout the day, with daily summaries. Thus, this gives information on areas with poor visibility as well as areas with good visibility.



This feature displays the current pressure, the pressure throughout the day, and a reading of whether the pressure is rising or falling.


Extreme weather alert

As before, other disaster warnings such as major rainstorms, floods, hurricanes, heat waves, tornadoes, etc. are displayed. The iPhone will collaborate with domestic or zesty weather to provide information. This feature is quite important as it could eventually save lives in extreme weather conditions.


Weather lock screen

While not part of the Weather app, there is a dedicated weather lock screen in iOS 16. If it’s sunny, you’ll see the sun, and if it’s raining, you’ll see rain.

Apple iOS 16

Weather widget

There are also many different weather widgets you can add to any lock screen, and a larger readout with temperature, current conditions, high/low with individual air quality, UV index, and temperature options. Of course, using the weather widget requires location services to be turned on.


More locations

The more locations feature as the name suggests give users the opportunity to know the weather condition in other areas. Thus, if you are travelling and want to get information on the weather condition, this will not be an issue. The more locations feature got you covered.


Apple iOS 16 iPad Weather

With the Apple iOS 16 / iPadOS 16 update, there is finally a weather app for the iPad. This new weather app for the iPad comes with optimizations that can better fit the iPad’s large display than the iPhone version. This makes the weather app more convenient to use.

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