5 mistakes you make when charging your smartphone

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If we want to keep making use of the smartphone’s capabilities, charging it is one of the most popular methods. If not, the device will shut off whenever its power runs out and cannot be turned back on. You must periodically connect the charger to the power source because of this. However, there are several important considerations you must make.

The vast majority of users rarely give charging their phones any thought and typically only do so once the damage is beyond repair. This is because they entirely disregard ideas that the manufacturers do not convey to you but which are crucial. If you want your phone to endure as long as possible, pay attention to our suggestions.

How to charge your smartphone properly

There are numerous mistakes you may make when charging your mobile device’s battery. But this time we’ll focus on the top three. Avoid these errors as much as you can to lengthen the lifespan of the device and delay the need to replace your phone.

Use official chargers

Using chargers of questionable origin for the smartphone is one of the biggest errors and also one of the most frequent. Since the great majority of manufacturers provide the official connector and charger in the box, alongside the device, it is crucial to use it in this regard.

If not, visit a reputable or official retailer and search for one compatible with your smartphone. This also holds true for the cable, as one of these two components might sustain internal damage as a result of a power outage. You may squeeze the rapid charge in this way without experiencing any long-term issues.

Don’t always let it finish charging

Although it is possible to configure it, some people choose to charge their smartphone when they get the notice alerting them to the battery-saving option, which often displays when it reaches 20%. In these conditions, it is important to pay attention to the phone and plug it in as soon as the alert sounds.

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According to experts, the appropriate load percentage ranges from 20% to 80%. In fact, a lot of smartphones start to lag as they hit this final number. The device’s autonomy will be reduced if it do not start charging always before hitting its minimal energy level or, alternatively, if it is always completely charged till it reaches 100%.

Remove the charger from the socket immediately

Modern smartphones have the ability to cease charging when the battery reaches 100%. However, this does not imply that the charger stops functioning; on the contrary, if we allow the battery to get low, it will start up again to restore its capacity. We also advice you to not use the smartphone while it’s still charging.

This is because the smartphone will not work twice as hard to charge the battery while at the same time decreasing. In addition, all this can damage the cells and, as a consequence, both the duration and the useful life of the device are affected.

The heat harms the battery life

The temperature has an important role in endurance and improving battery life in addition to the factors mentioned above. In fact, it’s possibly the largest threat to the long-term health of batteries. High temperatures stress the battery and cause it to lose capacity far more quickly than when stored at moderate temperatures.

Stop using the smartphone while charging

Gaming or watching videos while charging is very harmful since it causes charging cycles to be distorted. It makes the smartphone battery heat up, and could hardly damage it.

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5 Tips to maximize the battery life of your smartphone

  • Avoid charging for a full cycle (0-100%) and overnight. Instead, charge your smartphone with partial charges more frequently.
  • Ending a charge at 80-90% is healthier for the battery than charging to 100%.
  • When your smartphone is cool, use rapid charging technology carefully.
  • Heat is the number one killer of batteries. Keep your phone out of hot spots and don’t cover it when charging.
  • To minimize heat and mini-cycles, avoid playing intense games, streaming films, or doing other intensive workloads while charging.
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