Top 5 Areas Where The Google Pixel 7 Pro Beats The iPhone 14 Pro Max

The Apple iPhone has dominated many areas of the smartphone industry for many years now. Unlike other brands, Apple does not pack a lot of hardware specs in their smartphones. Yet, iPhones are able to match the performance of almost any phone out there with the highest of specs. This is due to two factors. First of all, Apple has been using their own Operating System since day one. So, their software has been highly optimized for the kind of hardware they use in building their phones.

Meaning, no matter how low the specs may be, it will still outperform most phones out there. Thanks to software optimization. Secondly, Apple use their own unique chipset to build their phones. Apple’s Bionic chipset is built with the iOS in mind. So, when both come together, they are able to give you the best user experience. Without lagging, overheating or unnecessary battery drainage. This has been the main selling point of iPhones for years.

Android Phones Lack Their Own Components Google pixel 7 pro

On the other hand, almost every Android device out there use components from different manufacturers. Almost every Android manufacturer uses either Snapdragon or MediaTek chipsets. In as much as these chipsets may be very good, they have not been optimized for a particular phone. So, it will be very difficult for any of these phones to compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhones.

Software processing is another challenge for most Android smartphones. The official Android Operating System that almost every Android smartphone uses is provided by Google. So again, Android phone manufacturers will struggle to optimize the OS for their phones. As a matter of fact, many manufacturers try to optimize Android to suit their brands. But this rather makes the software heavier than it used to be. Hence, making the operating system run a bit slower than it supposed to.

iPhones on the other hand don’t need to go through all these husttles. Everything has been well optimized for the hardware. So it does not need on top of the roof specsheets to perform well. Making iPhones look like they are in a league of their own.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro And The Tensor ChipGoogle pixel 7 pro

But that isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to Google and Tensor Chip. Google phones have always been so great from day one. Speed, fluency, battery life and camera. But they barely stood any chance against the iPhone. This is because they were using a different chipset just like the other manufacturers.

Finally, the Google Tensor chip is here and everything has changed. Of course the first Tensor chip had a number of issues. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the new Tensor G2 chip. As a matter of fact, it is everything that the Tensor G1 chip wasn’t. And if I were to be Apple, I would definitely be worried.

With its own software (Android) and its own chipset (Tensor), the Google Pixel phones now have what it takes to give Apple serious problems. If you are an Apple user, I am sorry to inform you that you now have little to brag about.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro packs a lot of features that gives it an edge over the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In fact most reviewers say the Google Pixel 7 Pro is the smartest phone in the world right now. In this article, we will discuss 5 areas where the Google Pixel 7 Pro beats the iPhone 14 Pro Max. So if you are confused about which of the two phones to buy, just read through first.

1. Price Of The Google Pixel 7 ProGoogle Pixel 7 Pro

Let’s talk about the price first. You just can’t think of buying a smartphone without considering the price. That’s why almost every manufacturer reveals prices when they are announcing new smartphones. The question is, what determines the price of a smartphone? Specs is the answer. The higher the specs, the more expensive it is. It’s just that simple.

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I bet no one will spend over a thousand Dollars ($1,000) on a slow and laggy phone, why? Because an expensive phone should look, feel and perform like an expensive phone. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is selling for about $1,400 and it is very understandable. Because it has enough specs to demand for that price tag.

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But what if you could get even better specs for about $300 less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max? This is what the Google Pixel 7 Pro is about. The best phone for the best price. The 512GB iPhone 14 Pro Max is selling for $1,399 where as the 512GB version of the Google Pixel 7 Pro sells for just $1,099. Google is trying to prove that you don’t need to spend too much to have the best phone in your hand.

2. Metallic Camera Bump Of The Google Pixel 7 Pro Camera

I know a lot will argue that this is nothing to compare. But hold on a second, let me tell you why. I have come across a lot of iPhone users with broken camera bumps even when they have a phone case on. I saw a couple of Pixel 6 phones with the same issue as well. I think Google has seen it too. Hence, the reason why the Pixel 7 Series now use the metallic camera bumps instead of glass.

We are talking about durability here. In this case, the Google Pixel 7 Pro beats the iPhone 14 Pro Max when it comes to durability. The camera bump on the Pixel 7 Pro also helps make the phone stable when you are using your phone whilst it is placed on a flat surface.

3. Google Speech Recognition

The Google Tensor chip is all about Artificial Intelligence and software processing. Apple’s speech recognition is very good, no doubt. But we are talking about a speech recognition so good that it can even feel your emotions.

If you have ever tried the speech recognition on both phones, you will realize that Google is miles ahead in this category. Google’s speech recognition works like a human. It knows where to put comma, where to put full stops and even where to put a punctuation marks.

The accuracy of the speech recognition on the Google Pixel 7 is actually unmatched by any other phone out there. It can even detect your voice and separate it from the voice of the other party when you are having a conversation with someone.

4. Fingerprint ScannerFingerprint

Having multiple ways of unlocking your phone seems to be something that most users admire. Ever since Apple removed the traditional home button from the iPhone, all iPhones have always lacked the fingerprint scanner.

No doubt, the facial recognition works so accurately and it is also very secure. But there are moments where you just miss the Touch ID. Even with the Face ID still working, having the fingerprint scanner would have been even better.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro on the other hand uses both facial recognition and and the fingerprint scanner. And don’t forget that it is still way more cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

5. 4K Video Recording

Now, before you talk about the iPhone 14 Pro Max also having 4K video recording, please hear me out first. Not just the iPhone, most phones out there can record in 4K. But the Google Pixel 7 Pro can do something with 4K video recording that no other phone out there can do.

While recording a video in 4K 60fps, the Google Pixel 7 Pro allows you to switch lenses without stopping the video shoot. You can quickly switch from main lense to wide angle or Telephoto lens. While the video recording is still ongoing. Sorry to say this, but you can’t do that on the iPhone 14 Pro Max without stopping the video.

There are two or three more areas we could talk about. But the night is getting darker. So these are the top 5 areas where the Google Pixel 7 Pro dominates the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The next time you want to brag about the features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, just make sure none of your friends use the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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