BLUETTI raised nearly $8 million on Indiegogo


As a doyen of its industry, BLUETTI has always been a top 3 player and among the most prominent solution provider of clean energy with an impressive ability to outperform consistently. Recently they’ve brought the market the AC500, a super-powerful portable power station specifically for outages, off-grid trips, and RV living.

BLUETTI is reported to have raised $5 million after 15 days into their Indiegogo and $8 million in just 40 days. Till now, BLUEETI has smashed their three stretch goals and in the meantime. BLUETTI has prepared a free gift pack for every AC500 backer. Including a 100W type-c cable, a mug, and a t-shirt. Also, BLUETTI has pledged a 4-year warranty if reaching $10 million and a 5-year warranty for $12 million.

Once again, BLUETTI finds remarkable commercial success with this technologically superior product mix-AC500 & B300S by fully considering people’s growing demand for clean energy and power storage solutions.

What is AC500 & B300S?

AC500+B300S provides an all-in-one energy solution catering to almost every need. Whether you’re seeking power to back you up in an emergency, slash your electricity bills, or help you go completely off the grid, the AC500 system have you covered.

AC500 system gets a full recharge in a relatively short time. With a B300S battery pack, you can top it up in just 80 minutes. Nearly 3.5 times faster than its competitors. As for how it recharges, you can connect it to a wall outlet, your roof solar or portable panels, your car, generator, and lead-acid battery. What’s more, dual charging is also supported like AC+solar, AC+AC, etc. AC500+B300S takes up to 4,500W input, while AC500+2*B300S can achieve a maximum of 8,000W.

AC500 system is 100% modular, and you can boost its capacity from 3kWh to 36kWh by adding external expansion batteries. One AC500 accepts up to 6 B300S for a capacity of 18kWh. Integrate such two AC500 systems into one, and you’ll get a massive 36kWh, enough to supply your off-grid living.

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Super features at your fingertips with BLUETTI

With 5,000W continuous output, AC500 can run your window air conditioner, washing machine, and other appliances. If you need higher power during outages, you can tie two AC500 systems to your home main panel via a transfer switch. This way, your home power supply’s output boosts up to 10,000W and handles all your home circuits. Even 240V ones, space heater, dryer, and cutting machine, to name a few.

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Even if your BLUETTI journey starts with AC300+B300, you can enjoy more powerful energy at home. Just get an AC500, pair it with B300, and you’ll have your power supply upgraded. The AC500 is cost-effective, starting from $1,499.

B300S gains advantages over the competition since it can be used as a standalone power source with a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car outlet, and an 18W USB-A.


Expand Possibilities With Add-ons

Team up with Reliance, BLUETTI introduced a brand new transfer switch to integrate BLUETTI power system into users’ home grid. A single AC500 system will cost only $639 to get the grid connection kit; meanwhile, the AC500 split phase system (including two AC500 units) costs $679.

Additionally, PV400, the 420W monocrystalline solar panel is also available in this crowdfunding. Compared to polycrystalline panels, PV400 is more durable and can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It adopts a brand-new metal kickstand, marked with the inclination for easy adjustment. Up to 6*PV400 can be used to charge AC500+B300S, and it only takes 2 hours to a full capacity. So far, there are only 200 sets left for $799. The price will go up to $899 in the next phase.

Shipping Status & Pricing

According to BLUETTI sources, 50% of the US orders have already been shipped while orders for the EU and the UK are still en route. However, 95% of backers are expected to receive the product within this year.

These special combos are in limited quantity and available on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. BLUETTI Indiegogo campaign is about to close by the end of October. You can find more information about that right here, so check it out.

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