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If we are sure of anything about Elon Musk, it should be his controversial nature. Elon Musk has “funny” views about several topics. He has always expressed his dissatisfaction with Twitter suppressing certain comments. This is one of the major reasons he bought Twitter in the first place. However, there are laws in different sectors and if Twitter breaks any of these laws, it will likely face the consequence. Just like Google Play Store, Apple App Store has its laws. With the way Twitter is going, netizens believe that it wouldn’t take long for these stores to ban Twitter. Nevertheless, Elon Musk says he has plans in place. If Google and Apple eventually ban Twitter, he will make a smartphone. This will serve as a replacement.

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Elon Musk

In fact, Musk dabbles in a wide range of smart products. He is also involved in various types of start-up companies such as SpaceX, Tesla, The boring Company, etc. There are all kinds of weird products in the Tesla store. Tesla also reveals that it will make more consumer electronics products, such as smart homes. In addition, some designers have previously designed a concept phone called “Model π” for Tesla. However, there is no official statement from Tesla regarding this device.

Elon Musk’s plan to launch a phone dates a few years back

This is not the first time that Musk has been involved in the mobile phone industry. Even as early as 2017, there were reports that Musk intends to launch his own phone. However, Tesla was still in a debt crisis at that time. In addition, Musk claimed in 2021 that he does not like the existing two major mobile phone systems, iOS and Android. He reveals that he wants to build his own system to defeat them and provide users with an unprecedented experience. There are also reports that Elon Musk’s first phone will be ready as early as 2024.

Elon Musk tesla phone

Also, a company under Musk has been recruiting some talents in the mobile phone field. Before Musk acquired Twitter, he had posted a message on Twitter, to the effect that he was recruiting technicians related to mobile phones or smart watches to join Neuralink. If you look at the fields Musk invests in, you will find that he has a lot of interest and experience in the next-gen Internet. In Musk’s product blueprint, the mobile phone may be able to become an important node. It can carry SpaceX Starlink and Neuralink brain-computer equipment and connects Tesla cars.

Tesla China recalls more than 80,000 electric vehicles

Talking about Tesla, the company had to recall over 80,000 electric cars China. This is contained on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The recall plan has been filed with the State Administration for Market Regulation. The following vehicles have been recalled from now on.

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S & X recall

The company recalls 67,698 Model S & X with production dates between Sept. 25, 2013, and Nov. 21, 2020.


There are multiple reasons for the recall. However, software issues are one of the major reasons. Also, the feedback voltage of the power battery voltage sensing circuit may be inconsistent with the real voltage of the electric brick. This results in a misjudgment by the battery management system. The car screen will then display “requires maintenance” when everything is just fine. It also shows false warnings such as “safely stop the vehicle” or ” the car will slowly stop power output”. These can increase the risk of vehicle collision accidents in extreme cases. Overall, it poses safety hazards, hence the recall.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will upgrade the software of the vehicles within the recall range free of charge through the vehicle remote upgrade (OTA) technology. If an issue is detected in the voltage sensing circuit during driving, the vehicle will maintain continuous power output until the end of the current driving cycle and the vehicle is parked. Tesla recommends that the user drive the vehicle to a safe location or pull over according to the prompts of the vehicle. For vehicles that cannot be recalled through the vehicle remote upgrade (OTA) technology, Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will contact relevant users through the Tesla Service Center to upgrade the software for the vehicle free of charge. This is to expunge potential safety hazards.

Tesla Model 3 recall

The company recalls 2,736 Model 3 with production dates between Jan. 12, 2019, and Nov. 22, 2019. These models are all produced outside of China. The company also recalls a total of 10,127 Model 3’s within the same production date produced in China.

Tesla Model 3


This recall aims at vehicles whose middle seat belts of the second row of seats have been removed due to after-sales repairs and maintenance. When the seat belt fixing bolts are reinstalled at the service center, the fixing of the middle seat belt and the left side seat belt buckle of some vehicles may not thread into the attachment bolts. If these vehicles collide, the seat belts will not be able to play their role. This increases the risk of a fatal injury when there is an accident. Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will check the middle seat belt for free. If there are any mistakes in the fixing of the belt, the company will take care of them.

Emergency measures: Before the vehicle recall is implemented, the user should drive the vehicle carefully, and can check whether it is secure by pulling the middle seat belt of the second row of seats and the buckle of the left seat belt.

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