TikTok is preparing to conquer Youtube with horizontal videos

The goal of TikTok is to control everything. It presently holds the throne as the undisputed king of vertical videos, and it has already begun to challenge the other platforms. TikTok Now, which has its own story structure is now fully embracing the horizontal video style. But there are various reasons to believe that it won’t be simple to compete with YouTube.

Horizontal videos are tested by TikTok to test a new full-screen landscape option with a small number of users. Videos are typically shown in the feed vertically, but if they were shot with a horizontal aspect ratio, there will be an option to transform them to landscape format in full screen.

TikTok wants to compete with Youtube

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Given that TikTok just doubled the time limit for its videos to 10 minutes, the movement makes sense (although the movement has not penetrated the platform at all). It’s obvious that TikTok wants to keep dominating in terms of viewing time (where it has already exceeded YouTube), and long horizontal videos may be a new tool to boost its numbers.

But extended videos are not the focus of TikTok. One of the secrets to TikTok’s success, besides a poorly adjusted algorithm, is the format’s concision. We can consume dozens of movies and themes thanks to quick content and visual fast food. The horizontal format takes a different, more laid-back tack. Videos of up to 10 minutes have not worked, and there is not much reason to think that horizontal ones will.

YouTube shorts on TikTok and TikTok videos on shorts. Recycled content is an inevitable result of the format battle. Reels and Shorts are primarily composed of videos that have been obtained directly from TikTok. We are likely to record videos for YouTube on TikTok if the platform introduces horizontal videos. It made sense to have everything (vertical and horizontal content, stories, and BeReal integration). However, the lack of interest in stories on TikTok or Instagram’s IGTV shows that this is not the case. Consumer demand for specialized apps is still strong.

YouTube is where creators can make money from their work. When it comes to pure pay per views, YouTube is in better financial health (campaigns excluded). The playback value is insignificant when compared to YouTube because of how much simpler TikTok’s algorithm helps it to go viral. There isn’t much of a need to switch totally from one platform to another because a creator with millions of views on TikTok will always make less than an artist with the same number of views on YouTube.

Through the various possibilities TikTok allows for linking to other platforms, creators can surely use it to accomplish the opposite goal of gaining subscribers to their YouTube channels.

Ambition can devour TikTok. The final deployment of the horizontal videos is not yet confirmed, but all signs point to it happening soon. The ambition of TikTok can consume it, converting it into a jumble of different apps that loses sight of what made it popular in the first place: vertical short videos.

TikTok Now


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We will define TikTok Now and describe how it operates, with the function based on the spontaneity TikTok has replicated what the BeReal social network has to offer. You won’t be allowed to prepare or change this kind of information. Instead, you will need to demonstrate what you are doing at the moment without additions, raw.

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In order for you to comprehend this function, we will begin this essay by simply describing where it comes from and what it entails. Then, we’ll explain how it functions so you can use it.

BeReal was imitated by TikTok to develop TikTok Now. BeReal is a social network focused on spontaneity where you are randomly invited once per day to share what you are doing with everyone and given a brief window of time to take a picture of it.

This is a really new idea since it encourages you to take a shot of a certain moment and submit it right away without any editing, as opposed to sharing content that you have edited and prepared before publishing it. Instead of allowing yourself to publish anything you are confident with or have thoroughly evaluated, just go for a spontaneous reality.

Additionally, as is customary in the world of social networks, when a new one starts to stand out with a ground-breaking idea, the already-established networks blatantly imitate it to protect their position and keep the new one from becoming a threat. TikTok Now has been responsible for this.

Despite being a stand-alone app from TikTok, TikTok Now’s content also seamlessly integrates into the main social network, providing a screen with material that then directs you to the other app. It’s a tool to encourage you to engage in this new mode of communication while using a different app.

You can view your posts as well as those of your friends and users worldwide on TikTok Now. Nobody can predict when they will ask you to contribute content. And once they do, you will only have a short window of opportunity to do so. The settings of the application will allow each user to control who can view their TikTok Now.

How TikTok Now works


TikTok Now is incredibly easy to use. You’ll get a reminder to write and post material once every day. No matter what time of day it occurs, you will only have three minutes to upload the content. So you must record what you’re doing right now.

The only way to access the content is through your mobile device’s camera. You can’t post material from your smartphone gallery at this time. So you better shoot a picture or make a video. It will have to be a moment without any additions or decorations. You won’t be able to change the photographs.

The front and rear cameras on the phone will both be in use to record the occasion. In this manner, you can use the rear camera to record your own perspective. While simultaneously taking a picture with the front camera to allow you to see what you are doing.

They can’t be too long because TikTok Now only allows videos and photos to be ten seconds long. From the application settings, you can also select who can view these moments.

Last but not least, you should be aware that there are two ways to access this content. You’ll use the same user account and have a Now tab in the main TikTok app, for starters. However, you’ll also need a standalone app that is available for iOS and Android. In order to be able to create the content.

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