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In the 5G era, the way to transmit messages will be different. Messages, pictures, videos, voice calls, group chats, online services and other communication will be swift. However, since the 5G era is different from 4G, there are a couple of things that we will need to learn about 5G News. For now, 4G is still very popular thus learning about 5G News may not be on your mind at the moment. Nevertheless, it will be good to have this knowledge before 5G becomes the norm.

1. 5G news

5G news is a new application on 5G. The 5G messages have three categories: 5G SMS, 5G rich media messages, and 5G IoT messages.

5G News


In 5G messaging, we will still have 5G SMS. It will offer SMS capabilities, and the service experience is the same as regular SMS. Thus, 5G SMS has little or no change in terms of how it works for users.

5G News

5G Rich Media Messaging

One new feature of 5G is the 5G rich media messages. It overcomes the break through of text messages. It goes beyond sending texts, pictures, audio and video, locations, emoticons, cards, etc. In this tech, users and companies can send industry news, card messages, chatbots, small programs, etc. to provide services to users.

The 5G message system includes a 5G Message Center, MaaP Subsystem and Group Chat subsystem. Among them, the message center includes SMS, message AS, SIP access, DM and file server.

Message Center: Provide point-to-point short message service, point-to-point basic multimedia message service, group sending basic multimedia message service, business-to-point short message service, business-to-point basic multimedia message service, etc.

MaaP: Provide industry users with 5G business news (MaaP) service access capabilities, provide users with industry chat robot search, detailed query functions, and provide A2P message uplink and downlink processing and other functions.

Group Chat: Provide group chat services for terminals that support 5G messaging, including group management, group message sending and receiving, and other functions.

5G IoT News

The 5G Internet of Things connects a large number of IoT terminals. The communication between “things” and “things”, “things” and “people”, “apps” and “things” will work through 5G messages.

5G News

We can say that 5G text messages, 5G rich media messages and 5G IoT messages together form a complete 5G message. For 5G message apps, there is no threshold for use. Users don’t even need to download the client and can send and receive 5G messages through the terminal’s native message portal.

2. 5G News Trend

5G News trend has three major categories including personal, enterprise ad IoT. We can say that  5G messaging terminal can serve the public, the industry, and IoT all at once. So, let’s look at the personal, enterprise and IoT trend of 5G news.


This creates a digital info service for mass users which can be used by inserting a card on a mobile phone. It is the most convenient, fastest and safest info communication service. As long as you have a mobile phone number, you can realize 5G message sending and receiving, group chat, daily life services, etc.


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The enterprise aspect of 5G news can be used as a bridge, linking enterprise info services and enterprise traffic to consumers. 5G will help enterprises to push content, info, business, and services directly to users. Users can also search for enterprise services through the 5G message. Based on 5G messages, users can have the most direct and convenient services.



5G messages can be used as the best choice for IoT services and human-computer interaction. Through the 5G message portal, messages can be sent or obtained for IoT terminals. Users can link devices through messages “big connections”.


3. 5G message network support

5G messages support 5G networks, IoT networks, and are also compatible with 4G network access. This creates a senseless switching experience for switching from 4G networks to 5G networks in the future. It is also backward compatible with 2G / 3G / 4G .


4. 5G message plan

So what is the plan of 5G news? The overall plan and construction principles are as follows:

Overall plan

Realize message NFV cloud transformation: Leverage the existing experience in cloud transformation to solve the problem of old equipment through cloud network transformation.

Adhere to the principle of centralized deployment and construction: Based on the cloud layout of the network department, the centralized operation of the entire network is realized.

Construction principles

Selection principle: avoid route detours, and choose east/south/west/north eight nodes for deployment according to geographic location.

Disaster recovery and backup: 5G message center network elements are set up in pairs and are respectively deployed in two large-area nodes that are mutually backed up. Mutual backup nodes are consistent with the network cloud.

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5. Principles of 5G message activation

The activation of 5G messages currently has two methods: terminal activation and IMS query number:

5G messaging terminal

Automatic activation through 5G messaging terminals: Support 4G / 5G users to automatically activate when using 5G messaging terminals. When the user uses a 5G mobile phone for the first time, a 5G activation message is triggered. After the activation is successful, the 5G message system needs to record that the user has successfully activated. The activation process has no perception, does not ask the user whether to activate and sends a text message to remind the user after the activation is successful.

Activation through physical business halls, SMS, Internet halls, and handheld business halls: 4G / 5G users can apply for activation.

IMSI tracking number activation

When the user replenishes/replaces the card, the 5G messaging system also updates the user code number data stored in the system. When the user changes the number, it will record as a new user, and the processing of the old number is similar to the cancellation of the number, and the new number will trigger the 5G message activation process. 5G messaging is an indispensable part of the development of the 5G era.

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