Study Shows That the Apple Watch Can Predict Stress Levels Accurately

In the past few years, smart watches have gotten popular among smartphone users around the globe. Mainly, smartwatches are made to help you keep your hands off your smartphone when busy. Smartwatches become very essential to those whose hands are always busy.

Some smartwatches have the ability to answer and make phone calls. That is when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Others also lack this feature. Mainly due to lack of internal mic and speaker. However, all smartwatches display notifications from your phone. Apple Watch

Some Smart Watches Like the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, etc. Can Do More

Basically, this is what a smartwatch is supposed to be used for. But most of these smartwatches go beyond the norm to have other features.

A lot of smartwatches have the ability to measure blood oxygen level. Stress level, sleep time and many more. Due to the tiny nature of smartwatches, most of these health-related measurements are not entirely accurate.

Almost every manufacturer warns about that. They warn that health-related measurements on smartwatches are not meant for medical use. This is because the smartwatches cannot give you exactly the accurate measurement. Unlike how a real medical equipment will do.

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Apple Watch Has Accurate Stress Level Measurement Apple Watch

A new report from MyHealthyApple claims that the Apple watch has proven to be accurate with its measurements. According to a study conducted by the University of Waterloo in Canada. The Apple watch is able to accurately measure stress levels.

The researchers used the Apple Watch series 6 for this study. They found out that there were close association between ECG data. This included heart acceleration and deceleration capacity. At the time of the reading, participants reported their stress levels. The researchers then used the information to create a prediction model. They achieved this by using Machine Learning Algorithms.

It is said that the stress models have high accuracy levels. However, they have lower recall. According to the conclusion of the study, the Apple watch has a promising potential to predict stress levels.

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The proposal was that the Apple watch could even give more detailed data. This is because the Apple Watch measures other health information. These include sleep and activity information.

Usually wearing the Apple watch on a daily basis measures a lot of data. It measures your heart rate, Sp02, sleep, exercises as well as stress level. All this data comes together to give the Apple watch a more accurate prediction.

A lot of our daily activities can determine our stress levels. Exercising, relaxing, sleeping or even laughter can determine stress level. Most of these give your smart watch extra data to predict your stress level.


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