Microsoft Edge to finally destroy its competitors with a new feature

Microsoft Edge

For years, Microsoft developed and shipped Internet Explorer with Windows for one single purpose – to allow users to install Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. That’s a joke but certainly was an undeniable truth. After years, of being the target of jokes, Microsoft scrapped Internet Explorer and launched Microsoft Edge. Edge nowadays stands as the default browser of Windows 10 and Windows 11. It’s much better than it was in the first days, and also it’s far superior to what Internet Explorer used to be. Despite this, it still lags behind other browsers. Even the most loyal Windows fan tends to opt for third-party browsers rather than Microsoft’s solution. The company is constantly developing new features to make Edge more interesting, and a new feature can put it ahead of its rivals.

The Project Phoenix represents a major rise for Edge

Nowadays, for most users, productivity is everything. To be more productive, we’re always making a lot of tasks at once. With internet browsers, the situation is not different. Apparently, an upcoming update for Microsoft Edge can make the browser even more productive.

The Redmond giant, is internally working on a new version of Edge. The new version is promising a lot with a new design and new features. The project is currently dubbed Project Phoenix (Yes, the one that rises from its ashes) and has been in the works since last summer. The goal is exactly what its name suggests, Microsoft intends Edge to rise as a Phoenix against its competitors. The new browser will feature a unique design that fits Windows 11 perfectly, visually and functionally.

Microsoft Edge

The biggest feature coming to improve productivity is a feature that allows you to view multiple tabs in a split-screen view. Worth noting that this is already available in some browsers like Vivaldi. However, adding it to a browser that comes natively on Windows would make the offer more appealing. This will allow you to view multiple apps at once without having to duplacte all the browser UI elements like the address bar. The feature is available for those running Microsoft Edge Insider build with the right flag enabled.

Microsoft Edge will have its own take on “Digital Wellbeing” – The design will fit Windows 11 UI

The upcoming Microsoft Edge will also feature a new Tab Activity Center. It will give you faster insights into your browsing and tabs history. For instance, you’ll know the type of website you spend your time more often. It’s similar to the Digital Wellbeing features on Android and iOS. It’s a cool addition for a browser. Microsoft also plans to further integrate Edge with Windows. For instance, the company is playing with the idea of Edge becoming the OS’ password manager. Allowing you to sync passwors across devices in a quick manner.

Microsoft Edge

The upcoming Windows 11 will have a round and uniform look for the navigation bar. As we’ve mentioned above, the goal is to streamline its visuals with Windows 11. In fact, its design will match what we see in the upcoming File Manager for Windows 11.

When the new feature will reach Edge?

For now, there is no forecast for the arrival of this feature on Microsoft Edge. Also, it’s not possible to determine whether it will make way to Windows 10 or will be exclusive to Windows 11, only the time will tell. But considering the big focus to pair it with Windows 11, I’m bet on the latter.

The feature is available for insiders, as most of the features that are still “in works”. If you can’t wait to try this, then you can enroll to the Insider Program. However, be aware that it is still “work in progress”, so bugs will find you through the adventure.

Now, if you ask me to bet on something, I’m expecting this feature and more to arrive in time for the 23H1 update of Windows 11. If that is not the case, then it will be ready for the 23H2 release. These two major updates for Windows 11 are expected for the first and second half of 2023, respectively. Worth noting, that the company has a Microsoft Build 2023 set for May this year. The event will certainly bring news about Windows 11 and the company’s plans for the future.

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