Apple Reality Pro Headset – Unleashing Something Great

Apple Reality Pro Headset

Apple Reality Pro Headset will make its way into the market. The latest reports say Apple is working on its VR/AR headset. We can expect an announcement on this later this year at WWDC. Moreover, the cost might be around $3000 initially.

Apple wants to finalize its long-awaited project. As per rumors, the company has been working on this for seven years. The 1000-person Technology Development group is working to make this happen.

With the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015, the company has set its eye on Apple Reality Pro Headset. The goal is to dominate the tech market, and it is time that will tell how successful Apple will be.

What To Expect From Apple Reality Pro Headset?

The VR/AR headset believes in providing a groundbreaking start to the company as the company aims to use glass, aluminum, and cushions in this headset. Mark Gurman, Bloomberg, says it will use the technology from AirPods Max of Apple.

Apple Reality Pro Headset will have a curved screen on the front to ease users while wearing it. It will contain speakers on its sides. Moreover, a comfortable headband will keep things in your control.

Other than this, the company plans to use a modified version of the M2 Processor. There will be a battery pack that is attached via a cable.

Users will have to carry the battery pack with them in their pockets. Besides this, you will be able to control the headset using XrOS – the possible Apple software for this headset.

Amazingly, the battery size is two times the size of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. Thus, Apple Reality Pro Headset will last for two hours.

Apple’s AR/VR Headset VS Others:

Apple mixed virtual reality

In many things, Apple’s flagship headset will differ from its competitors, such as Quest Pro of Meta. The headset will feature a face and eye tracking system. It is a next-level tracking system.

Because users can select options and make choices depending on their activities, like what they see and how their eyes respond to a sure thing, it is claimed to be the best-selling point for the company.

Apple’s Reality Pro will have combined features of Quest 2 and Quest pro. It is now described as AR/VR because it will incorporate an internal virtual environment and an augmented real world.

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Moreover, the headset will contain interfaces like iPad and iPhone. There will also be a video consumption device. It is to watch movies or can be used as an external screen for a Mac.

Apple Reality Pro Headset will have multiple external cameras. These cameras will track the movement of your hands. Also, there are sensors inside for tracking our eyes.

Notably, the virtual environment will fade when a user shifts from VR to AR. Users will be able to see the natural environment around them.

Significantly, the company wants you to assume it as the highlight of its Reality Pro. Thanks to the VR/AR toggle similar to the crown in Apple Watches.

An Amazing FaceTime:

What do you feel about FaceTime? Will it be different from that of Metas? Guess What? Apple claims to have a better version. The Apple Reality Pro Headset will display a person’s face and entire body. Thus, helping people to have a conversation in VR. This seems to be a lot better than the cartoon-themed view of Meta.

Due to high processing requirements, the device will display other users as Memoji while having a FaceTime call. It does not end here; apps such as Mail, Messages, Photos, Safari, Apple TV, the App Store, and others will be available.

The best part is that users can perform text input using Siri. Or, they can use a nearby Mac, iPad, or iPhone. The feature requires users to type midair with their hands.

Reality Pro as an External Mac Monitor:

Users can use the Apple Reality Pro Headset as an external monitor for Mac. In short, they can see the display in Virtual Reality. Moreover, they can still control their computer’s mouse, touchpad, and keyboard.

The headset will help users to watch their favorite movie on a large theater screen. And they can do this in a simulated environment such as a desert or space. However, you will have to wear AirPods for Spatial Audio.

Ultimately, the users will have an impressive video-watching experience. For this, the company is in partnership with Dolby Laboratories and The Walt Disney Company.

As per reports, the company is developing an in-store environment to test the Apple Reality Pro Headset. The atmosphere is believed to be created in Apple Stores for better observations.

Furthermore, Mark Gurman believes that the company is taking a long-term approach in this case as it is trying hard to make the Apple Reality Pro Headset a significant success in the market.

Moreover, Apple is not looking to make profits from its first-generation headset. Although, the price is still very high. Let’s see if the quality standards will be maintained or compromised.

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