Is Apple’s $3000 New Mixed Reality Headset Really Affordable?

apple mixed reality headset

According to reports, Apple is working on a new and affordable mixed-reality headset that will cost $3000. The headset is expected to appeal to budget-conscious consumers by providing easier access to the worlds of augmented and virtual reality at once.

This affordable Apple Mixed Reality headset is still four times the price of the Quest Pro headset it competes with, costing $3000 USD. Because of its price and wide range of features, the Quest Pro headset has been well-received by consumers. It provides an impressive virtual reality experience at only $400 USD.

Notably, engineers at Apple want to design a budget-friendly headset. The new headset aims to compete with the Quest Pro simultaneously. And the company is making strategies to achieve this by using cheaper components. But I still wonder how will it be an affordable gadget at price tag of $3000.

How do The Quest Pro And Apple Mixed Reality Headset Differ?

This Mixed Reality Headset will have a 4k internal display for each eye. And its cheaper counterpart will indeed have a low resolution. Apple plans to use a few cameras and slow processors. Thus, there will be no need for internal fans for cooling. Users might have to set their field of view manually. In other devices, motors perform this task automatically.

Apple was rumored to use its custom H2 wireless chip in its Mixed Reality Headset, but recent reports indicate that the tech giant may be reconsidering its strategy. The new chipset is expected to outperform the original option and improve the overall user experience with VR products.

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The new chipset would allow Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset to connect to compatible devices more seamlessly and extend the device’s battery life. Earlier, rumors suggested that the company aims to develop its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chip. As of now, Apple is using chips from Broadcom.

The company wants to lower its price by designing in-house chips. Apple’s mixed reality headset is still in its initial stages. Moreover, it has to develop a working prototype. Reports reveal that the company assigns this task to the 1000-person Technology Development Group. Hence, Apple may soon be able to annouce its breakthrough with lightweight augmented reality glasses.

How will Apple Mixed Reality Headset Work?

Apple’s upcoming Apple Mixed Reality Headset will usher the company into the mixed reality world. This headset will be a mixed reality device, combining augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D tracking capabilities.

It superimposes virtual images into real-world environments, allowing users to interact with real and virtual objects simultaneously. The headset has an array of advanced sensors that track user movements in 3D space, such as hand and head movements.

This enables users to control aspects of their surroundings more naturally than traditional controllers do. Furthermore, the headset will include eye-tracking technology to detect where a user is looking or focusing at any given time.

With that in mind, and with the hope of someday replacing iPhones, the mission is to create AR glasses. Apple has temporarily halted development of its lightweight AR glasses. It’s unclear whether AR glasses will ever hit the market, but I’m curious how life will be in that era. Apple intends to make an announcement later this year, so we will have to wait until June 2023 for WWDC.

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