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An important factor to consider while buying a smartphone is autonomy. Here are the TOP 8 smartphones with the best battery life that lasted the longest during battery life tests.

Who hasn’t ever been concerned about their phone’s battery dying? To lose communication with someone during a crucial call? Or perhaps during a meeting or at nightfall? Even if extra batteries or power banks are able to solve the issue, users will not find them to be the most enjoyable option. It is preferable to go without it by picking an Android smartphone with a long battery life.

The tests were carried out using a battery test tool. It enables to compare each device’s autonomy as precisely as possible. You can find all the information on the autonomy test circumstances in this post, however, you should be aware that we relied on these results to create this guide, which leaves out the devices for which the tool did not provide support.

The tool replicates everyday use, to test the autonomy of smartphones. The results may be different when using another technique, which explains the absence of multiple smartphones that have large batteries.

What affects the battery life of a smartphone

A smartphone’s battery life varies depending on a number of variables. The screen, SoC, and modem components of a phone are its most power-hungry components. The larger the screen, the more power it uses, and the more frequently the CPU is used, the more power it uses. This is why playing a game has a more pronounced effect on battery life and endurance than, say, perusing the web.

The more milliampere-hours (mAh) a battery has, the better because it is typically used to describe battery capacity on smartphones. Most smartphones currently available have a battery capacity of between 3300 and 4300 mAh. But be careful—not all devices use as much as this figure suggests. A smartphone with a little battery can work for the same amount of time as one with a huge battery. Having stated that, a battery of 5000 mAh is typically good. But, this does not mean that a smartphone with 4000 mAh or less is bad in terms of battery life, as we will explain later.

The top 8 smartphones in 2023 with the longest battery life

Asus ROG Phone 6

Asus ROG Phone 6

The Asus ROG Phone 6 showed exceptional autonomy in factory default mode. The device’s typical usage scenario battery life last for more than three full days making it one of the best. In calibrated mode, the same wonderful experience was reproduced, especially when playing games and watching videos. In the on-the-go tests, the device’s autonomy was extremely good for calling but was lower for using social media apps.

The device’s huge 6000 mAh battery was adequately charged by the 65W charger in less than an hour. The additional autonomy after a rapid 5-minute charge was 6 hours and 2 minutes.

Both the power adapter and the charger had respectable and great efficiency, respectively. When the gadget was completely charged and plugged in, this charger used very little power, but when the device was unplugged, it used more power than usual. The Asus ROG Phone 6 demonstrated modest discharge currents. However, the discharge currents were strong when navigating through social media apps.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro Google Camera 8.4 APK

Google enters the high-end market with the Pixel 6 Pro with the explicit intention to compete with the best. The phone is unique, we must agree, with its enormous camera module and distinctive lines. However, using the Pixel 6 Pro comfortably will require the use of both of your hands.

Regarding the display, Google has selected a 6.7-inch panel that is extremely good. We meet all the requirements for an ambitious phone thanks to the high brightness, excellent color reproduction, and adaptive 120 Hz. We also find the Google Tensor, a processor created with Samsung. Even though it lacks the capability of a Snapdragon 888, it excels in terms of photography.

The Pixel still excels in the camera arena thanks to excellent images and algorithms that perform wonders in dim lighting. Finally, the autonomy is superb. You can use it for two days of conventional use without incident. The only issue that Google absolutely must address is a charge that is merely fast in the name because it takes two hours to fully charge the battery. It is unfortunate that the supplied charger cannot recharge completely quickly. Also take note of the numerous software flaws that the smartphone had when it first came out, which are fixed with each update.

One of the greatest smartphones right now is the Pixel 6 Pro, which features excellent battery life among other things. Additionally, it provides a quality-price ratio that is challenging to match.

Apple iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Plus

Although the brand-new Apple smartphone does not significantly outperform the previous version, it does have the advantage of getting a longer battery life. Beginning with a design that is consistently clean from the Californian maker, it is simpler to use on a regular basis. Above all, the iPhone 14 has the longest lifespan of the entire catalog and is the most repairable.

The user experience, as is frequently the case with Apple, is exceptionally good. The newest operating system, iOS 16, is very amazing in daily life. Dynamic Island is undoubtedly absent from the base iPhone 14, but the device is still functional. It has the same Apple A15 Bionic processor that was included in models from the previous generation.

It is challenging to wholeheartedly recommend the iPhone 14, nevertheless. But, if you’re looking for a good battery life smartphone, it’s a great option.

Gizchina News of the week

Asus Zenfone 9

ZenFone 9

The Zenfone 8’s successor for 2022 is the Asus Zenfone 9. For this premium smartphone, Asus went above and beyond. This remarkable device is incredibly powerful while still being very little. Not to mention that it has superb autonomy, which is a great thing.

In fact, due to their mechanically smaller batteries, tiny smartphones (like the Galaxy S22) are not recognized to have an adequate autonomy. But Asus has put a lot of effort into perfecting its new design and its 4300 mAh battery. As a result, depending on how it is used, the little smartphone can operate without a plug for up to two days.

It lasted for two days in certain tests, which is impressive. It is now among the smartphones with the best autonomy available in 2022. Also, it recharges completely in 1 hour and 15 minutes, which is still correct, despite the fact that its charge is not very quick (30 W).

The Zenfone 9 has one of the most powerful SoCs available at the time—the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1—along with either 8 or 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, depending on the configuration. It is sufficient to assume that it will have no trouble running even the most demanding games. Only the camera often falls short, particularly in portrait mode.

Nothing Phone (1)

Nothing phone (1)

The young company Nothing has already made history with the phone (1) by providing a highly complete but powerful smartphone. The shining LEDs give the design a pretty intriguing start. Every day, the phone is good.

The product was tested by many reviewers, and they found that it has one of the best price-to-quality ratios. It sports a gorgeous 6.55-inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Its performance is excellent, and its brightness is remarkable. The interface of the NothingOS software, which is based on Android 12, is clear and minimalistic.

The internal power source for the Nothing phone (1) is a Snapdragon 778+ with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. You can use it to run any app including mobile games. However, use caution because the phone has a tendency to overheat.

Battery tests confirm that the smartphone needs 13 hours and 20 minutes of use to fully discharge. The device’s 4500 mAh battery is charged with a 45 W charger, which is not included in the box.

Redmi Note 11

Redmi Note 11

One of the most anticipated entry-level smartphones of 2022 was the Redmi Note 11, which did not disappoint. Even if the style is fairly traditional, we nevertheless like its clean finish and a grip that is generally comfortable.

Like the year before, the screen side features an OLED Full HD + panel. The latter, however, can now refresh at a speed of 90 Hz. The best screen now available in this price range can be obtained by combining these factors with entirely true colorimetry and brightness.

The camera component is less stunning but still does a good job with a good primary sensor. However, the Redmi Note 11’s main issue is fundamentally the software component. On the OS front, Xiaomi still has a lot of work to do.

Despite this drawback, the Redmi Note 11 stands out as an excellent choice for those who want a budget smartphone with good battery life.

Realme 9 4G

Realme 9 series smartphones

The Realme 9 is the newest model in the lineup and follows the same philosophy as the Realme 8i, which it replaces and which already had outstanding autonomy. Thus, the most recent smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer can easily survive two full days, or even three if you just use your phone occasionally.

With a Snapdragon 680, it isn’t the most powerful smartphone in its price class. Especially when there isn’t enough light, its camera often captures yellow images. On the other hand, the primary 108-megapixel camera performs admirably in favorable lighting.

A pleasant surprise may be found on the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel’s high-quality, Full HD + definition display (2400 x 1080 pixels). Furthermore, we value the inclusion of a maximum refresh rate of 90 Hz, which is uncommon for products at this price range.

In conclusion, as you will undoubtedly have realized, the Realme 9 stands out as a balanced smartphone with an intriguing price-quality ratio, despite the fact that it is not innovative. This is a real option to think about for those with little budget who prioritize battery life.

Oppo Find X5 Lite

Even if the Find range’s “Lite” smartphones are more reasonably priced, they are nonetheless of high quality. The Find X5 Lite is a lightweight, portable device. It is nevertheless well-equipped, with a headphone jack specifically located at the bottom.

A MediaTek Dimensity 900 chip was installed in his phone. The latter comes with 256 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM. The daily navigation is smooth and without delays. Even the most difficult mobile games, like Fortnite, function properly.

The numerous adjustments the ColorOS software adds on a daily basis are especially great. Similarly, even though it is not on the same level as the Pixel 6a, the photo component is rather outstanding for a smartphone for around $500. A gorgeous 6.43-inch OLED grade screen has been installed to provide you with lovely colors.

Regarding the battery life, the Oppo Find X5 Lite was able to maintain autonomy for 13 hours and 48 minutes of use. Above all, you are getting a special charge at 67 W that enables you to reach 100% of your charge in 30 minutes. The phone, which was initially available for $469, is now less than $400.



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