Redesigning Your Website Can do you More Harm than Good, Google Search Expert

If you have a personal blog or a website, you see it necessary to refresh it ones in a while right? I mean your website cannot keep looking the same forever. Things are always changing, new design trends are always evolving and the taste of the people also change all the time. So you cannot afford for your website to keep having that old looks. Therefore, Redesigning your website ones in a while isn’t a bad idea.

Maybe the reason might not necessarily be because things are changing, you may be someone like me who goes to see another website’s design and be like “Wow! I must make my website look like this”. Well, whatever be your reason for constantly changing your website design frequently might probably be the reason why it’s not growing.

Redesigning Your Website

Redesigning Your Website Can Drop Your Ranking on Search Engines

A member of the Google Search Relations team by name Gary Illyes created a post on LinkedIn talking about this. In the post, he said “when you redesign your website, its ranking on search engines may go down.

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He dived deeper to explain this by saying… “Among other things, search engines use the HTML of your pages to make sense of the content. If for example you break up paragraphs, remove H tags in favor of CSS styling. Or add breaking tags (especially true for CJK languages), you change the HTML parsers’ output, which in turn may change the site’s rankings.” Redesigning Your Website

To explain this in plain text, he means to say that redesigning your website is not a bad idea. But you may have to be careful when making changes to the looks of your website. You have to make sure you do not change the core HTML code of the website. Doing this means search engines may have to read your website all over again. When this happens, we all know the end result. A drop in your website’s rankings.

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Keep the HTML Code Intact When Redesigning Your Website

Gary also recommends that you use HTML codes that has a similar explanation to your current code to redesign your website. You also have to avoid using tags where you don’t really need them.

So you can change the interface of your website if you really know what you are doing. Try as much as possible to keep the HTML codes looking similar if you don’t want your ranking to drop.

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