Lamicall Releases ALL Lock Magnetic Phone Mount – A mount for all occasions

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If you’ve been looking for a new solution to secure your phone in your vehicle, the Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount might be the ideal option. Lamicall ALL LOCK is finally available starting at $19.99. Making it one of the most versatile, affordable phone mounts available.

When it comes to your phone, ensuring you’ve got a strong and secure mount in place is integral. Fortunately, though, the amazing new Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount is on hand to make a difference, when it comes to high-quality adventure opportunities. After all, ensuring you’ve got the most effective solutions in place to keep your phone safe and secure is very important.

Luckily, no matter the terrain or challenges, the Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount is designed to withstand the pressures of modern usage. So whether you’re in the middle of the city or offroading, Lamicall ALL LOCK has your back.


Key Highlights

The Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount does what it says on the label. It’s an all-lock solution that can strongly and firmly adhere to surfaces. Thereby providing a strong phone mount solution, that won’t leave you fumbling for your phone every few minutes. This helps make driving far safer and ensures that navigation is a breeze, no matter what.

Unlike many competitor products, the Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount is made from premium-quality metallic lock material. And offers an amazing double-lock design for ultimate durability. Even better still, it’s one of the most cost-effective systems on the market. And you can easily pick and choose which parts you’re likely to need.

In short, Lamicall ALL LOCK is designed to tackle any challenge in many different scenarios. Plus, it’s not even just for car use – the ALL LOCK readily pairs with countless different systems. So no matter how you need it, you can count on the system working for your needs.

Where to Use the Lamicall ALL LOCK Phone Mount

Once you’ve purchased your amazing new Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount, you’re free to use it in almost any scenario, where you might need hands-free access to your mobile device. The kit comes with a choice of different mounts to ensure you’re able to get the best from the mount in every scenario. These include a wireless car charger mount, a bike mount, an armband mount, a backpack strap mount, a wall mount, and more. As such, there’s a solution for everyone, no matter how you usually use your phone in hands-free mode.

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The most important thing to remember, of course, is safety. The Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount is designed to be ultra durable. But if your mount is located somewhere that you can’t see – such as on the very back of a backpack – you’ll find that there’s a greater risk of someone trying to steal your phone. So, always keep your Lamiall ALL LOCK phone mount in your sight to keep the device safe.

How Lamicall Differs from Regular Phone Locks

If you’ve been considering the Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount, it’s well worth considering, that this innovative system provides numerous notable benefits over regular phone mounts!

Rapid Installation

One of the main benefits of the Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount has to be its rapid installation solution. In fact, it’s designed to fit your vehicle or equipment easily. And once in place, mounting your phone takes less than a second. It’s the perfect way to get on with the adventure rather than sitting around and faffing!

Durable, Strong Mount

The extremely durable Lamicall ALL LOCK mount is designed with one goal. Ensuring that your phone is strongly mounted in your car, no matter the terrain. Whether you’re whizzing along a motorway or navigating bumps and potholes through off-road trails, Lamicall’s extreme durability will serve you well.

Fully Compatible with all Phone Models and Magsafe Accessories

Everyone has unique preferences when it comes to their phone model. But fortunately, ALL LOCK can support them all. In addition to this, it’s also compatible with Magsafe accessories. So no matter what, you can find an optimal solution overall for your device.

Massive Pulling Force Capacity

One of the main reasons other phone mounts get broken is pressure – sometimes even from irritable little ones having a tantrum! Luckily, the Lamicall ALL LOCK is designed to withstand a huge 25kg of pulling force, as needed. To ensure that the mount remains in place for as long as possible!

1 Year Warranty

Did you know that the Lamicall ALL LOCK mount comes with a one-year warranty? This helps ensure that your purchase is protected. And you can have confidence that it’ll stand up to the test of time.

Join the Hype with Your Perfect New Lamicall Phone Mount Today

Don’t hesitate to purchase yours today if you’re ready to see how the amazing new Lamicall ALL LOCK phone mount could work for your needs. After all, you might just be amazed at the value and safety that the Lamicall can bring to your driving and exploration, no matter what!

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