A First Look at Ulefone Armor Mount Pro AM01: All-purpose Phone Holder for a Vibration-Free Riding Experience

Armor Mount Pro AM01

Ulefone has recently introduced the AM01, a versatile phone holder designed to provide a vibration-free riding experience. This phone holder is compatible with phones ranging from 5.4 to 7.2 inches in diagonal, including phone cases. And can even be attached to vehicle handlebars.

In today’s world, riding sports such as mountain biking and motorcycling have experienced a surge in popularity. Especially in suburban and rough terrains. As a result, the need for a phone holder that provides stability and vibration resistance has become essential. These terrains’ rugged and unpredictable nature requires a phone holder to securely hold the device. Ensuring it remains stable and unaffected by vibrations during the ride. The sturdy phone holders allow riders to confidently use their phones to navigate, track their progress, or capture moments without worrying about their devices getting damaged or unstable. A reliable and sturdy phone holder is crucial for riders who engage in these adventurous and demanding activities. 

Unlike its predecessor, the Ulefone Armor Mount, which could only be attached to flat surfaces, the Armor Mount Pro AM01 is specifically designed to fit most vehicle handlebars, including bikes, motorcycles, scooters, and e-motorcycles. The bare handlebar base has a diameter of 1.26 inches and you can adjust it to fit different handlebar sizes using a 0.87-inch or 1-inch rubber ring. Additionally, an 8cm (3.15-inch) anti-slip tape is here to ensure a secure fit and protect the mounting surface. 

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Ulefone Armor Mount Pro Compatibility for Phone Models

The Armor Mount Pro is universally compatible with most Ulefone phones and 99% of phones available on the market. It supports models from the Armor series and popular phone brands such as the iPhone series, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, and more. It provides comprehensive and solid support for a wide range of phones.

Product Highlights

The AM01 has four shock-absorbing modules, cushioning, and rod dampers, ensuring a smooth and noise-free ride even on bumpy or high-speed roads. It effortlessly handles speed bumps, mountainous terrains, and pothole-ridden roads. The safety lock keeps the phone securely in place, even during high-speed driving. The eight claws of the bracket feature upgraded buffering TPU cushioning, ensuring a firm and vibration-free grip. The innovative anti-theft base also solves the problem of leaving the phone unattended. The double socket arm base includes a special theft-resistant screw. Ensuring the bracket cannot be disassembled and securing the phone to the vehicle.

Armor Mount Pro AM01

Notably, the AM01’s design caters to shooting videos or live streaming needs. It ensures the camera remains unaffected, preventing friction or damage while using the mount. The multifunctional double socket arm base also features a ball joint that allows 360° horizontal rotation, enabling users to capture photos or videos from any desired angle. 

The Ulefone AM01 provides all the components in its package, making it easy to assemble and install on handlebars. For more detailed information about the Armor Mount Pro AM01, you can always visit the official website. There are comprehensive product details and additional information about the AM01 phone holder.

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