Nothing Phone (2) will be “more advanced” – focuses on software

Nothing Phone (1) Alternatives in India - Realme GT 2

Nothing Phone (2) will be released in 2023, according to Pei Yu, the founder of Nothing. He also made some comments regarding the new features that this device will bring. The next Nothing Phone (2), according to Pei Yu, would be “more advanced” than the first-gen model, with software being one of its “primary focuses”. Pei Yu also assessed how the existing Nothing Phones (1) and (2) relate to one another. He said

“Over the past seven to nine years, mobile chips have really been strengthened. That’s why I would avoid calling Nothing Phone (2) the flagship phone because it will make people think that Nothing Phone (1) is not a flagship. Among the products under Nothing, Phone (1) is very important in terms of our own attention. Thatā€™s why I chose the word ā€œpremiumā€ to describe the Phone (2), which is a more advanced upgrade, but itā€™s just as flagship as the Phone (1).ā€

Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing Phone (2) will focus on the U.S.

PeiĀ YuĀ furtherĀ claimsĀ thatĀ theĀ companyĀ willĀ giveĀ thisĀ aĀ highĀ priority to this device. Also, theĀ NothingĀ PhoneĀ (2)Ā willĀ launchĀ inĀ theĀ USĀ marketĀ laterĀ thisĀ year.

“We’re excited about the U.S. market because it’s a huge country. If you look at the sales of our headsets,Ā about a third of them come from the U.S. If we don’t launch the phone in the U.S., we’re probably going to be losing a third of our sales.”

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PeiĀ YuĀ furtherĀ disclosedĀ thatĀ Nothing’sĀ inabilityĀ toĀ satisfyĀ theĀ complianceĀ andĀ functionalĀ integrationĀ criteriaĀ ofĀ localĀ telecomĀ operatorsĀ wasĀ aĀ majorĀ factorĀ inĀ theĀ company’sĀ earlierĀ failure in the U.S.

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Nothing Phone (1) pre-order in Malaysia

ā€œWhen you make a phone for the U.S., you need to work with the telcos to certify and integrate some of their features into your operating system. Nothing didnā€™t have the resources to do that before, but now we have.ā€

TheĀ numberĀ ofĀ staffĀ atĀ NothingĀ hasĀ grownĀ fromĀ 200Ā toĀ 400Ā sinceĀ theĀ company’sĀ foundingĀ inĀ 2021.

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