Apple iPhone 15 USB-C Port Will Support Limited Accessories

USB-C port on iPhone

Last year, the EU parliament passed a law that says every mobile phone launching in the EU limit will use USB Type-C charging port. Therefore, in compliance with EU law, Apple is planning to add a USB-C port. The iPhone 15 USB-C port is going to be a new norm this year.

There will be no more lightning ports, thanks to the EU law for ensuring the same charger for all mobile phones. The iPhone has the same connector, but it doesn’t say that it will be available for every charger or accessory. USB-C port on iPhone will have restrictions for certain accessories.

Apple’s iPhone 15 USB-C Port Will Be Limited To Certain Accessories…

Apple has reportedly developed an integrated circuit board that is lightning compatible and will work side by side with USB-C Port on iPhone. Considering this, the firmware or a semiconductor chip holds the most control. It will limit the iPhone USB port on its interaction with the accessory that the users will plug in. The feature is basically a Lightning-like authenticator chip that will not let unapproved accessories perform actions.

iPhone 15 USB-C Port

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What are Integrated Circuits (IC) Interfaces?

Integrated Circuit interfaces are semiconductor chips for information sharing between devices. These chips were launched back in 2012. Initially, MFI-certified lightning ports and connectors had small IC for authentication. These chips show “This accessory is not supported” warnings for unauthorized devices.

This leads to something new, the “Made for iPhone Lightning Ecosystem,” even though the connector’s shape has changed. However, the benefit of the doubt goes to Apple. Meanwhile, USB C ports for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV remotes, or Thunderbolt ports on several Apple devices are not only limited to accessories certified by Apple.

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Let’s say this Apple iPhone 15 rumor is correct. So, we will get the normal charging speed with any standard USB-C cable. However, additional features such as high-speed charging and data transfer will only be available to Apple-certified accessories. The Lightning circuit board will be a backup plan, allowing countless lightning accessories to work with the iPhone, even with a USB C port.

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max will be on the market this Fall. Apple iPhone 15 rumors suggest that the cheaper phones will have USB C ports. In contrast, 15 Pro and 15 Pro max devices will contain Thunder 3 ports. The standard USB-C ports will have USB 2 data transfer speed, and Thunderbolt 3 will support a 4K display and fast data transfer. Let’s wait for further iPhone 15 USB-C port news.

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