Keep Calm: ChatGPT Won’t Operate You … Yet

ChatGPT doctor

ChatGPT has been the talk of the town for a few months. But if some firms and ordinary users were afraid of it, others began investing heavily. For instance, Bill Gates invested up to $10 bln. Now, they have integrated it into Bing. By the way, Opera did the same. But many people believe that AI can be useful in many other situations. That’s why they want to understand whether it can replace some specifications. We guess you know that it passed the law and business exam as well as the MBA exam. But today, we learned that it failed the exam in medicine.

ChatGPT Can’t Be A Doctor

Like any neural network, ChatGPT has no background in medicine. It only skillfully manipulates textual information to produce relevant answers. Such algorithms are trained on huge arrays of data, which are “fed” to them by developers. Using various methods, the info they read is compiled into something new.

A group of enthusiasts from the startup Ansible Health tested the ChatGPT neural network to pass one of the most difficult exams in the United States – the USMLE (Medical Licensing Exam). This exam consists of three parts. By the way, preparation for it takes 300-400 hours. The list of questions ranges from fundamental medical knowledge to the paradoxes of bioethics.

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ChatGPT doctor

The result surprised all the participants – the text AI almost managed to pass this exam. Its success rate varied from 52% to 75%, with a standard of 60%.

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The scholars say that during the exam, the AI ​​showed a brilliant ability to build logical chains to justify the answers. It managed to find the necessary info in the database by indirect signs to give a detailed answer.

But in some cases, ChatGPT’s decisions were not only notoriously wrong, but could have led to fatal end. This means that in the near future, AI will not replace medical professionals. But we guess it will assist them, becoming an extra source of data.

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