Say Goodbye to Annoying Broadcast Message, WhatsApp Private Newsletter is Coming

Whoever suggested this feature to WhatsApp is probably tired of annoying broadcast messages like you and me. WhatsApp is doing everything possible to make the instant messaging platform a safe and enjoyable app to everyone. For this reason, WhatsApp is planning a new feature for private newsletters.

WhatsApp started this with the introduction of Communities. Communities is a very useful feature that helps users bring related groups under one roof. So, if you have different groups that you normally send messages or announcements to, communities will help you send your announcement just ones. Now the developers of the instant messaging app are trying to add more tools to make this feature even better.

WhatsApp Newsletter is in the Works WhatsApp Newsletter

Sources have claimed that WhatsApp is working on a new feature called Newsletter. We will call it “Newsletter” for now because WhatsApp has not confirmed the actual name. Due to its functionality, we are free to call it “Newsletter”.

Newsletter will give you the power to control broadcast messages. With this feature, users will now be able to subscribe to broadcast messages from individuals and groups. No more annoying broadcast messages from just anyone. You can exclusively select people, groups and organizations you would like to receive broadcast messages from.

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With Newsletter, it becomes possible for content creators to be able to reach a large undefined number of people. However, end-to-end encryption is not possible here as the feature uses a one-to-many architecture. One good side is that the contact number of the broadcaster will remain hidden. So, identities of the senders will not be revealed.

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Sources have also claimed that Newsletter will have its own separate and optional section within the status tab. That means it will be separated from private chats and not have any effect on the end-to-end encryption of private chats. WhatsApp Newsletter

Newsletter gives you your own private space where you choose what to see, when to see and whom to see it from. Whatever you subscribe to stays private to you alone and will not have any connection with your social media accounts. Newsletter creators will also have their own handles so that users can search for them and subscribe by searching for their handles in WhatsApp.

How Private is WhatsApp Newsletter?

WhatsApp Newsletter will come with the privacy of users as the main priority. No one knows the content you subscribe to apart from you. Both the subscriber and the broadcaster’s phone numbers will also remain hidden from each other. This means you do not need to have a person’s contact number in order to subscribe to their Newsletter.

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