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Soocas Spark

The Breakdown

The Soocas Spark is a very interesting electric toothbrush. It brings the efficiency of premium devices, but costs just $55.99. It has a durable aluminium build, IPX8 rating for water immersion, and a 40-day battery life.

For many people, electric toothbrushes are not really a thing. Well, there are many reasons for this. Manual toothbrushes have a long legacy of history, and electric toothbrushes are relatively new and in some cases are not very affordable. For some users, there is no reason to spend on an electric toothbrush if they can keep their usual habits. But how about an electric toothbrush that is affordable enough and also does the job in a far superior way than a regular toothbrush? Time to meet the Soocas Spark Electric Toothbrush!

In this review, you’ll know more about the Soocas Spark Electric Toothbrush. It’s a nice “gadget” that costs about $55 and, thus, can be considered a budget electric toothbrush. Despite this, it offers a good bang for your buck with nice features and a good level of style. Check out this review to learn more about it.

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More about SOOCAS


SOOCAS Insight

To those unaware, Soocas has quite a backstory and is not a company that came all of sudden. The brand was created a few years ago, back in 2015 as a Xiaomi sub-brand. Those who know a little about Xiaomi know how the company has a wide range of sub-brands in the Chinese market. Soocas is a successful and innovative company in the segment of “personal care, dental and health” products.

Soocas has a large array of dental products such as electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, and even a hairdryer. The brand has won awards such as the RedDot Design Award and & AWE Awards. When you look at the Soocas Electric Toothbrush it’s easy to know that this is more than just a dental brand – it has some sense of modernity and technology.

Soocas has the slogan “Just one more step in personal care”. The company’s goal is to help people to gain confidence and get healthier.

The Soocas Electric Toothbrush

With a price tag around $56, the Spark Electric Toothbrush is a fancy product that get the job done. There is no kind of advanced software features or things that you need to tweak through a separate app. The toothbrush is ready straight out of the box. It’s a lightweight product with a sleek, yet stylish, design.

In terms of functionality, the electric toothbrush has up to 30,000 sonic vibrations per minute. There are two distinct modes with gentle vibrations that are in fit for sensitive teeth or for first-time users. Of course, there is a higher mode that provides an effective cleaning for those who want a teeth whitening. The product glows green and that’s a neat feature. It works as a reminder that after 30 seconds in one area, the brush will flash with a slight vibration to indicate to move to a new are in your mouth.

The Soocas Spark has a LED ring to remind you about the battery status. It’s a modern product and as you may expect it has a USB Type-C port for charging. Yes, some smartphones are still lagging with micro USB, but Spark says welcome to the modern age with a USB Type-C conector. As per the official data, the product can last 40-day with just 2 hours of charge. I have to say that during my regular usage (3 or 4 uses per day) I’m yet to charge the product for the first time.

Simple package

The Soocas Spark comes with a simple cardboard box, but that fits everything you will need. We have the main body of the electric toothbrush along with a green plastic brush head. The build allows you to replace the plastic brush when needed. The company has also been kind enough to provide a charging USB-A to USB-C cable and a green plastic travel case for protection.

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Design and Style

The Soocas Spark has a sleek design and it’s modern enough to remind you this is a2002?2023 product. The body is cylindrical and made out of aluminium allow. It powers the system while you get the job done with a transparent brush head. The size of the brush is 22.7 cm in length and 1.6 cm wide. The product is quite lightweight with just 59.5 grams. The device has a single green button for power on and off. According to Soocas, it has been tested for 20,000 clicks. That means, in the real world, you will use it for years without any issue.

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Soocas Spark

Maybe one of the downsides is that there is one plastic head in the box. It’s made of durable materials, but you’ll eventually have to change it. It would be great to have at least one additional head in the box. Anyway, they’re available on the Soocas website. And you can buy more for future use.

I would have appreciated additional heads

Don’t get me wrong, you probably use the provided head for a long time. The head uses DuPont bristles out of nylon. They are designed to effectively clean plaque without damaging the gums. I’ve used it for a couple of weeks and the head is still great. The tips have rounded bristle tips to provide an extra layer of protection.

The USB-C connector sits at the bottom of the engine. It’s fairly simple to charge it through any cable you has nearing. It’s possible to charge it easily through the computer, TV, or a simple wall plug. Like I’ve said before, the product has a capable battery. You will need a long time of continuous use to get this battery drained.

As I’ve said before, there is a LED to indicate some of the Soocas Spark behaviors. For example, when it is green it means it’s on the gentle mode. The LED lights blue when you’re using the cleaning mode, and it lights RED when the battery is low.

Besides the durable aluminium build, the Soocas Spark boasts IPX8 rating. It can handle immersions, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

Does the Soocas Spark gets the job done?

According to Soocas, the Soocas Spark can get rid of the “stubborn plaque”. That does not mean the toothbrush is aggressive (it can be to some sensitive teeth). It is quite soft and can really provide satisfactory results after a long period of usage.

The Soocas Spark uses sonic vibrations to break plaque. Despite its affordable price, the toothbrush is quite efficiently and won’t fail in comparison to costlier products.

I’ve said about the single head that is provided in the package. It’s not hard to find a head through Soocas website. However, I believe that one third-party solution can fit it, but I will need to try it later.

Soocas Spark

The cleaning mode can be a little uncomfortable for some uses. So make sure to only use it if you intend to do a whitening. Worth noting that there is a smart mode to “assist you”. When brushing the toothbrush will notify you every 30 seconds to move to brush a new area, and there is a timer for 2 minutes. It will indicate you need to move it up or down

Verdict – Does the Soocas Spark worths it?

I’ve to say that I’m pleased with the overall experience provided by the Soocas Spark. It offers functionality, features, and a nice level of quality despite its affordable $55 price tag. It boast a durable build which gets better thanks to the IPX8 rating.

Soocas Spark

The battery life is great, and the toothbrush has enough versatility thanks to the two distinct brushing modes. Moreover, it’s cool to have an LED flash and a set of timers indicating what to do in order to get a perfect clean.

The downside is the single head, but you can easily bypass this getting more heads in the future.

I can’t help but recommend this nice $55 electric toothbrush if you want to leave the manual less-efficient brushing world. If you’re interested in the product, or perhaps, wants to know more about it head to Soocas website and find more about this wonderful $55.99 electric toothbrush.

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  1. March 10, 2023

    If there aren’t multiple sources for replacement toothbrush heads, then I’m not going to risk getting it. Braun may be more expensive but I can get new heads cheaply anywhere.