Xiaomi Solid State Battery Technology, A Whole New Revolutionary Battery for Smartphones

Xiaomi Solid-State Battery

On Weibo today, Xiaomi unveiled a solid-state battery technology. This new battery technology has the potential to transform the battery business. According to numerous studies, this new battery technology is a big advancement for smartphones. This is because it has a high energy capacity and is safer than conventional batteries.

The form of the electrolyte is one of the key distinctions between solid-state batteries and conventional batteries. Solid-state batteries completely or partially replace the electrolyte with solid-state electrolytes. This increases their resistance to impacts and extends their battery life. Xiaomi Solid-State Battery

Advantages of the Xiaomi Solid-State Battery Technology

  • Energy density exceeds 1000Wh/L.
  • Discharge performance at low temperatures increases by 20%.
  • Success rate against mechanical shocks (needle insertion test) increases significantly.

The high energy density of solid-state batteries is a key benefit. The chemical battery industry has faced major difficulties in boosting energy density. Solid-state batteries have an energy density that is two to three times higher than that of silicon oxide materials due to their greater storage capacity. Solid-state batteries are also built to be more resilient. This dramatically lowers the risk of short circuits inside the battery.

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This battery technology still has a long way to go before it can be mass produced. The reason being the severe development and production constraints. The energy density of solid-state batteries, however, reaches 1000Wh/L, according to laboratory studies. The Xiaomi 13 prototypes used a 6000mAh ultra-large capacity solid-state battery from Xiaomi. A 4500mAh battery powers the Xiaomi 13’s finished product. It is evident that the new battery technology has a significantly higher capacity than conventional batteries.

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Xiaomi Solid-State Battery Has High Endurance in Lower Temperatures Xiaomi Solid-State Battery

Solid-state batteries are more dependable over the winter because of the 20% improvement in low-temperature discharge performance. The liquid’s unique characteristics, which are employed in the electrolytes of conventional batteries. This makes the viscosity of the liquid dramatically rises at low temperatures. When this happens, it impedes the passage of ions. As a result, conventional batteries deplete substantially worse in the cold. Solid-state electrolytes are the best choice for sustaining discharge performance even in low-temperature settings in place of current electrolytes.

In the upcoming years, numerous Xiaomi smartphone models will use the new solid-state battery technology. The technology’s ability to significantly reduce the size of high-capacity batteries and significantly reduce phone thickness is its most interesting feature.

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