HUAWEI Enjoy 60 with a monstrous battery released

Huawei Enjoy 60 Release Date

Earlier today, Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei officially released a couple of devices. The protagonist of the launch event was obviously the Huawei P60 series and Huawei Mate X3. However, the company also released other devices like the Huawei Enjoy 60. Although this device is “cheap” (costs less than $230), it comes with a lot of upgrades. One of the eye-catching upgrades is its long battery life. The large screen, memory, battery, and high volume are all selling points of this device. The Huawei Enjoy 60 takes care of the price bottleneck and it almost has no rival at the same price level.

Huawei Enjoy 60

The Huawei Enjoy 60 maintains the flagship product’s star ring design in terms of look. It also adds a symmetrical dual-ring rear camera module and raises the texture to a higher degree. The body adopts a curved surface design with a frosted material. This makes the grip feel considerably more pleasant. This mobile phone comes in three new colours including ice crystal blue, dawn gold, and magic night black.

Display & speaker

The Huawei Enjoy 60 targets young people as it is optimized for social apps such as WeChat. The large screen with the superb display is extremely critical for video calls. This device comes with a 6.75-inch big audio-visual screen with a high screen ratio. This screen makes it easier to display larger texts which makes browsing more intuitive. Also, video calls, and watching short videos and movies are now more interesting. Furthermore, Huawei has also built intelligent dimming, bright screen, and e-book mode for it. This device can identify the environment and change the brightness of the screen.

Huawei Enjoy 60

In addition to the decent display, the Enjoy 60 also comes with a great speaker. The sound quality of the Huawei Enjoy 60 has been redesigned thanks to HUAWEI SuperSound tech. When adjusted, the peak volume can reach 86dB, which is very suitable for some parents and elders. It is soothing while maintaining good sound quality. Overall, it enhances the viewing experience for dramas and videos. For those who like to use headphones to enjoy music and watch dramas alone, Huawei Enjoy 60 also enables simulated 9.1-channel sky environment sound effects. Put in headphones to achieve 9+1 channel sounds, and even generate a sky-channel sound effect.


The main factor that has the biggest impact on a mobile device’s daily use is battery life. Huawei Enjoy 60 is packed with a 6000mAh super-large battery that can be used for a whole day without charging. You can play games with confidence and no longer have to worry about running out of battery life or losing contact when you’re out. For users who only care about making calls and sending messages on social media platforms, charging once in three days is just enough.

Huawei Enjoy 60

This device can not have it all, the charging capacity is one of those things it doesn’t have. This device supports Huawei’s 22.5W super fast charging. This means that you will need quite some time to fill its monstrous 6000 mAh battery. However, the good news is that a 10 minutes charge can give you three hours of movie time. This is enough to go through regular daily activities on a mobile phone.

At the same time, it can also reverse charge earbuds, bands and other gadgets. You won’t need to worry about these tiny devices running out of power any longer because of the 6000mAh mega battery in this device. It can be dubbed a concealed power bank.

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Huawei Enjoy 60 uses a 48MP high-definition main camera and an amazing 1/2-inch sensor. This makes the dynamic range and low light effect of the picture better. The image is also cleaner, lacks noise and is far clearer. The pixel’s independent depth-of-field lens and unique algorithm can easily produce a blur effect comparable to that of a camera. This means that users no longer have to worry about background clutter when taking pictures.

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Huawei Enjoy 60 also has an 8MP front camera with a built-in skin beautification algorithm and blur effects. This makes the main subject more apparent while taking selfies and makes them appear more attractive and natural.

AI & storage

This entry-level mobile phone also integrates AI algorithms, AI motion capture, picture enhancement, multi-frame synthesis and other functions. These are features that usually come with flagship mobile phones. With a fast shutter speed, you can clearly capture the desired picture anytime, anywhere. The Huawei Enjoy 60 also uses a depth model that has been trained at millions of levels and cutting-edge image segmentation techs. It contains 8 types of content identification and 22 types of scene categorization, delivering pixel-level optimization and making the obtained images more beautiful.


Huawei Enjoy 60 also comes with a huge storage space of 256GB. This can retain every record of the user, and no longer need to delete images and apps due to lack of space. Even storing 340 episodes of TV series/120 high-definition movies at the same time is no problem. When you have free time, you can download two TV shows and watch movies whenever you want whether commuting or travelling.

Software & Price

In terms of the system, Huawei Enjoy 60, like the Huawei P60 and Mate X3 also comes with the HarmonyOS 3. This device has the same privacy and security levels as the flagship models. The new card feature can create unique shortcuts on the desktop. With this feature, anything that you need on the mobile phone is just a swipe away. Also, this mobile phone supports multi-device links, smooth calls and other features. This makes the connection between specific contacts much easier and smooth. Users can achieve clear video calls and the device can connect with tablets, TVs, other mobile phones and other devices.

The Huawei Enjoy 60 has a built-in simple mode, which is worth noticing. The UI is simpler once it is turned on. Old users will find it easier to use because of the large text, icons, and volume controls.

Huawei Enjoy 60

In terms of price, the Huawei Enjoy 60 has two storage options. The 128GB option costs 1299 yuan ($190) while the 256GB model costs 1499 yuan ($220)


In general, Huawei Enjoy 60 is a device that allows users to enjoy the beauty, ease of use, and utility at a very cheap price. It has a big 6000 mAh battery, a sleek flagship design, sizable storage, and a large volume. At this price, users can enjoy a nice experience fusing tech and fashion. Thanks to the HaromnOS 3 system, this device comes with some flagship system features. This mobile phone will be very useful to old users, young fans and people looking for a good device at a low budget. You can have a high-quality mobile phone that fully meets all your daily needs at a very low price

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