Forget Macbooks and Other Laptops, Framework DIY Laptops Are the Future!

Framework DIY laptops

Framework has just announced its plans for its DIY laptop lineup. There will be brand-new upgrades that will make Framework DIY laptops focus strictly on improving performance. And with these upgrades in place, you might not even need to purchase any other laptops for a long time.

But before getting into all of that, let’s first understand what Framework DIY laptops are all about. At the core, the brand’s options are highly repairable and upgradeable. Unlike Apple MacBooks or other Windows laptops, you can swap out every component of the device.

Now, with the latest plans for Framework DIY laptops in place, you can, for the very first time, use these models as a fully-capable workstation or gaming PC. That, on its own, makes the laptops a go-to pick for many.

Framework DIY Laptops Make a Leap in Performance

The new Framework DIY models will have two main upgrades on the motherboards. One of them makes the laptops transition from 12th Gen Intel CPUs to 13th Gen CPUs. And the other one introduces AMD CPUs for the first time in Framework’s ecosystem.

Looking back, the 12th Gen Intel CPUs were dragging Framework laptops behind. These chipsets were negatively affecting the battery performance. According to Framework, the 13th Gen chipsets will greatly improve the DIY laptops’ overall battery efficiency.

Framework Laptop

Framework will also push “firmware optimizations” to further improve battery performance. That means you might be able to finally daily-drive a Framework DIY laptop.

The AMD upgrade, on the other hand, is a bit mysterious. Framework did not put much detail about it. But what we know is that the motherboards will combine integrated RDNA3 GPUs and Zen4 CPUs. This upgrade could potentially give DIY laptops a major boost in terms of performance. In fact, they should be able to handle gaming smoothly too.

Framework Is Doing Something That Microsoft and Apple Can Never Think Of

Aside from the new performance upgrade plans, the main highlight is that Frame has been and will continue to do what many will never think of. Repairability? Future upgradability? These two are something Apple and Microsoft could never consider.

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One of the reasons why many do not choose laptops over PCs or workstations is the lack of sustainability. A new generation of GPU or CPU could easily make the laptop dated and lag behind in terms of performance. But Framework DIY laptops are exceptions in that regard.

Framework DIY laptop upgrade

Even if there’s a new generation of hardware, you will not need to shell out to get a shiny new laptop. Instead, you can just upgrade the parts of your existing Framework laptop. This approach does not only reduce the e-waste but also allows the users to make an upgrade without spending more than they have to.

Recently, Framework DIY laptops entered their next level. That is, the disassembly process has just got easier. And through that, the brand has just gone over the major roadblock that was present in the DIY laptop space. Yes, Microsoft did loosen on the ‘right to repair,’ allowing the Surface Laptop SE to be somewhat repairable.

Framework laptops modularity

Even so, the tech giant did not clearly mention whether disassembling their laptops would void the warranty or not. And that is exactly why users are still forced to use first-party services. Apple is on a different level in this case. It does have a Self-Service Repair program. But that is only for iPhones. And the MacBooks might never come close to what Framework is offering with its DIY laptops.

Dell Concept Luna
Concept Luna

On that note, Dell does have its own version of DIY laptops. It goes by Concept Luna, which aims to offer the same functionalities as Framework. However, that project did not see the light of day, nor has Dell made any further announcement regarding it.

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