Study: iPhone Users Experience More Road Rage Than Android Users

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Smartphones have become one of the most useful tools in our everyday lives. It is very difficult to leave our smartphones behind for any reason. Sitting down for an hour without touching your smartphone is something that is very difficult to do lately.

Unlike the days of feature phones, smartphones can do quite a lot. Most people who work with their laptops can actually do without them now, thanks to the existence of smartphones. In as useful as smartphones may be, they can also serve as a form of distraction on many occasions.

Speaking of distraction, there is no denying that our smartphones are one of the most distracting items around our everyday lives. This distraction seems to be the kind of addiction that few people are able to overcome.

For some reasons many people can’t just keep their hands off their smartphones for just an hour. The slightest of minutes they get on their hands, they just reach out for their phones.

This addiction has a lot of side effects and can even go the long way to put lives at risk. This happens mostly when driving. A minute in traffic can make most people feel bored and reach out for their phones. A notification sound from their phones can also make them do so.

In many instances, you could see people driving while watching on their phones or making calls. Some may be texting, reading some texts on their phones or just flipping through social media pages.

Could the fact that different people choose different kinds of smartphones be attributed to how they are distracted during driving? Well, it might not make too much sense but that is the fact.

IPhone users conduct themselves differently on the road from Android users. This fact is deduced from a survey that was performed by American Trucks. The reason for the survey was to determine which of the users are more safer and knowledgeable on the road amongst iPhone and Android users.

Details of the Survey of iPhone and Android Users Behaviors on the Road

American Trucks performed a survey amongst 1,000 Americans of which 500 are iPhone users with the other 500 being Android users. The results of the survey showed some slight differences between iPhone and Android users.

Who Has a Better Driving Habit?

Bad driving habits are increasingly becoming a matter of concern for road safety organizations in various countries around the world. The increasing concerns are largely due to distractions from smartphones of the drivers. But what kind of phones do these drivers use, iPhone or Android?

According to the survey, Android users do not text as much as iPhone users when driving. The percentage margin of this survey was just 2%. On the flip side, Android users were also more likely to speed, run a stop sign or drive without putting on seat belts.

IPhone and Android Users

Who is More Likely to Get Into Trouble

In the year 2022, the United States recorded the highest traffic-related deaths in 20 years. Hence, this survey was about which smartphone users were more likely to be involved in some of these accidents. The survey also touched on which users were more likely to get tickets between iPhone and Android users.

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The survey proved the iPhone users were more likely to be the cause of accidents than Android users. IPhone users have been 20% the cause of accidents while Android users recorded 15% of accidents caused by distractions. IPhone and Android Users

When it comes to receiving of tickets, iPhone users edged Android users by just 1% margin. In a nut shell, iPhone users are more likely to receive tickets on 5 or more occasions in their lifetime. Usually, a driver gets a ticket if they miss any of the road signs or take risks when driving.

IPhone and Android Users, Which Of Them Experience More Road Rage?

Experiencing road rage is quite common amongst all drivers. This usually comes when one driver does something to anger another. Or one driver drives aggressively which can be a risky act on the road.

The survey has shown that iPhone users are more likely to experience road rage than Android users. The margin is not much but still counts a lot on a larger scale. 54% of iPhone users disclosed that they experience road rage as compared to the 51% on the Android side.

Also, when it comes to their top choice of cars, 30% of Android users preferred Toyota while 29% of iPhone users will go in for Ford.

IPhone and Android Users, Who Knows the Rules on the Road?

It turns out that iPhone users lead Android users when it comes to rules and regulations on the road. In the road sign assessment, a series of road sign questions were asked which resulted in iPhone users leading by 5% margin. IPhone and Android Users

From this results, we can conclude that iPhone users are more knowledgeable with road signs, rules and regulations than Android users. If you are an Android user and does not agree with this, then I suggest you do some revisions on your road safety signs as it helps prevent road accidents and road rages.

Wrap up : Who is the Better Driver?

The results of the survey has clearly drawn the line between iPhone and Android users when it comes to driving. It shows that both users conduct themselves differently on the road. IPhone users were found to be more careful than Android users when driving.

They also seem to be more knowledgeable about traffic rules and road signs than Android users. However, iPhone users also have a higher percentage of causing traffic accidents than Android users. They are also more likely to receive tickets.

There may be differences but it also shows that none of them came out perfect. They all have their weaker sides which may pose danger on the road. So, the best thing to do is to be a safe driver, respect road signs and rules and keep phone your away while driving. Probably in your pocket. Everyone makes mistakes, so keep your cool on the road and help reduce road rage.

Source / Via: American Trucks

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