Over Half of all UK Parents Want TikTok Banned From the UK – Polls Find

The CEO of TikTok may be out of his hotseat after answering intense questions from the US House Committee. But the platform still sits on a hotseat. In recent weeks, many countries have banned the short videos sharing platform from government devices. This, they say is a measure they are putting in place to protect data privacy and child safety.

However, some nations like the US and UK do not look to satisfied with the level of this ban. They aim to take things even further by placing a total ban on the app. With this, the restriction will go beyond just government devices and reach the general public.

On the flip side, not everyone wants TikTok Banned in their nations. Some citizens have already taken to the social media pages to express how they feel about a potential ban of TikTok. While some have explicitly spoken against their governments plan on banning TikTok. Others fully support that TikTok should be banned.

54% of UK Parents Agree on Banning TikTokBanning TikTok

For this reason, Casinos En Ligne has conducted a quick poll amongst some UK parents to find out their stand on the issue. This poll involved about 1,512 UK parents on MumsNet forum. The result shows that the parents seemed to be divided on this issue. According to the poll, about 54% of these UK parents want a total ban on TikTok from all devices.

This shows that the governmental bodies of these nations are having a lot of influence on the citizens. The parents are concerned about how the app impacts the lives of their children. The UK is well-known for following in the footsteps of the United States. So, it is quite easy to predict that any decision the US makes concerning TikTok will be duplicated in the UK. Banning TikTok

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The PR Manager at Casinos En Ligne has also added his voice on this data, saying:

TikTok has seen a dominant rise to becoming the number one social media app globally. With, hundreds of millions of downloads. However, concerns surrounding data privacy and child safety may cause the app to be banned in the US.

By a sizable margin, it seems parents in the UK would embrace a TikTok ban, to help protect children from the supposed dangers of the app.”

In as much as decisions made by the US can influence that of UK, things may look different this time. It is worth noting that this data was recorded from a very few people. It may have a higher percentage, but the actual numbers are too low to establish any fact.

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Another thing to note is that most of the users on the platform are younger generations. This means the result can change drastically if they are involved in such polls. Simply put, this data does not confirm that UK will ban TikTok as the United States are still contemplating on a decision.

The US Is Yet to Decide on Banning TikTok Banning TikTok

The US House Committee has not been able to make a firm decision on TikTok yet. After the questioning of the CEO of the popular social media app Shou Zi Chew. The whole world is waiting anxiously to see what comes out from the lawmakers.

TikTok has said on several occasions that it does not share user information with the government. However, the US officials quickly countered that. Saying, Chinese laws require the app to make user data available to the CCP.

Sources have reported that the Justice department is currently investigating ByteDance. This investigation is ongoing to check if the Chinese company is spying on US citizens.

Chew did acknowledge that the app truly collects some personal information. Just like any other social media app from the US. TikTok collects data such as location information. He said they only collect this information from users who have not updated the app since 2020. However, the app does not collect such data anymore.

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  1. March 28, 2023

    The question should also account for why Parent’s want TikTok to be banned. It most likely will show that the parents want it banned but not for the so-called “national” security excuses but for reasons which would encompass usage addiction which is applicable to all social media platforms or games etc.