Apple A17 chip’s early score is far beyond the reach of Android brands

A17 Bionic

The latest Apple A17 chip from Apple will be used in this year’s iPhone 15 series. From recent reports coming out of Apple’s supply chain, this chip will be produced using TSMC’s 3nm tech. TSMC formally announced the start of the 3nm mass production towards the end of the last year. According to TSMC, the R&D findings for the improved version of the 3nm process are also better than anticipated. This means that its capacity, power usage and yield will be better

Apple A17

In the 3nm era, this tech will offer full support for mobile phones and HPC-related apps. Also, the N3E process will commence mass production in the second half of this year. A couple of reports have confirmed that Apple will be the first brand to use TSMC’s 3nm chip via the A17 Bionic SoC. As the first A17 chip built with a 3nm process, it will also become the first chip to benefit from the manufacturing process. The A17 chip’s specs will be vastly improved by TSMC’s N3E tech. This will inspire future users to replace old phones.

Apple A17

Although the production cost of this process was high at the start, Apple still secured every order for TSMC’s first-gen 3nm tech. As a result, chip makers like Qualcomm were unable to adopt this technology., at least not as early as Apple.  The efficacy of the Apple A17 chip did not let disappoint in any way. The A17 not only has a higher energy efficiency ratio, but it also enhanced its performance, according to public data. In its latest running scores, the engineering model of this chip scores 3986 on the single-core test. In the multi-core test, this chip scores 8841. With these scores, the Apple A17 chip is basically on par with the MacBook.

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Apple A17 Bionic is far ahead of its predecessor

The iPhone 14 Pro’s A16 chip, in contrast, scores 2504 for the single-core test and 6314 for the multi-core score. Also, this implies that the A17 has nearly improved single-core performance by 59.2% and multi-core efficiency by 40%. Such huge improvements are not common and totally unexpected. TSMC’s 3nm production capacity was also quickly consumed by Apple alone. This puts the Android camp in danger of facing another harsh winter this year.

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The Snapdragon series processor, which stands in for Android’s best level has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 whose GPU performance exceeds the A16 Bionic SoC. However, the 3nm process will certainly give Apple an edge again

According to Apple’s pattern, the iPhone 15 Pro series may be the only device to use the new A17 chip this year. The standard iPhone 15 will continue to use the A16 Bionic chip.  The iPhone 15 series will reportedly see Apple widen the gap between its high-end and entry-level devices, with the latter using a titanium alloy frame design. Also, it has been reported that Apple will use a buttonless design in the iPhone 15 Pro series. This means that it will do away with physical buttons which is a wise move on Apple’s part.

Users have expressed a great deal of anger with Apple’s seemingly benign A16 upgrade, particularly because the chip’s improved energy efficiency isn’t even as excellent as that of the A15 processor from the prior generation.  Hence, A17 will inevitably make a big deal about the performance given that it uses TSMC’s most recent 3nm tech. After all, the performance of chips will greatly increase with each new generation of process. If the A17 chip’s improvement is big enough, it may actually encourage Apple users to replace their old iPhones.

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