Keep Your Home Safe with Smart Locks: How to Buy the Right Door Lock for You

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We know that many people still do not trust technology products. Especially when they see the word “smart” in front of a “traditional” product, they think it’s a marketing gimmick. For example, what benefit can a smart iron have? Well, while you are thinking about the few benefits it has, here is another product that you have probably heard of but have doubts about the smart door lock. The smart door lock market offers many models from different brands. We mean that there are too many options that differ in design, technology, and selling points. On the other hand, they have a lot in common. So the natural question is – which one should I choose when looking for a really good smart door lock?

There are a few things to bear in mind when buying smart door locks. Firstly, they are mature products, which simply means that they are not expensive. For example, you can spend $200-$300 and get a fully featured, high quality, and secure smart lock.

5 questions concerning smart door locks?

We recently came across an interesting article on gearbrain that answers five common questions about smart locks. Let’s see what they cover.

What brands make smart door locks? – Well, there are two types of companies that specialize in making products in this category. Firstly, there are companies that have made a name for themselves in the traditional lock market. So as new technologies emerge, they also offer smart products. Secondly, there are many start-ups that offer a single product, the smart door lock. But we should also mention the companies that do not belong to any of these groups but have good offerings. These are well-known technology brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei, which offer smart home products, including smart locks.

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Do smart door locks require professional installation? Yes, most smart door locks can’t be installed by yourself. Well, we can try to do it without professional help. But it will take ages, while the professionals will do it in an hour.

What wireless technology do you use? Most smart door locks support Wi-Fi. This allows us to remotely monitor what’s happening in front of the door. But there are some models that support Bluetooth for proximity lock/unlock, NFC for touch, etc.

What opening methods do they support? This is the most important feature you should know about. You can unlock the door using one of 6-7 methods. These include: fingerprint unlock, facial recognition, mobile unlock (via NFC), card unlock, password unlock, temporary/one-time passwords (for guests and friends), physical keys, etc.

unlocking methods

Are they safe? This is another important question we have to answer. Most products are ANSI Grade 1, which means they have the highest level of protection and security. In addition, products in this category can send alarms to your mobile phone if someone tries to open the door; they can record short videos and send them to your mobile phone if someone appears at the front of the door; they are basically protected from Tesla coils, etc.


Finally, since these are smart products that need electricity to work, it’s logical to ask what happens when the battery runs out. In most cases, the batteries in the servers will last for 8-12 months on a single charge. But even if they do run out of power, you can use power banks and charge them via the USB ports on the smart locks. Finally, there is always the option of using a key.

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