The Simpsons Live-Action is real thanks to AI, but it’s disturbing

It’s the age of AI, definitely, OpenAI helped us to discover this fact with its ChatGPT, but there is much more to come under this segment. Apart from the impressive results shown by GPT-4, there are other AI alternatives in the market that are doing wonders. There is a rising concern that AI could easily replace human jobs in the future, especially when it comes to programming and design. There are a number of AI capable of generating art from a few commands, in fact they can even “create” real people from commands. If you take a look at YouTube, there is a trend to create movies or games based on the 1980s movies era. Also, there are people who try to imagine what cartoons or anime would look like in real life. The latest news involves The Simpson and a powerful AI.

The Simpsons Live-Action is here

The Simpsons Family is a very popular television show that has been running for over thirty years. They are known for their sarcastic comedic tones, yellow skin, and unique hairstyles. In the latest episode of “AI Revolution”, it seems that someone decided to imagine what The Simpsons would look like in the real world. With a few commands, an AI did the hard work of trying to imagine them as real people. The results are disturbing fans across the web.


Marc Burrows tweeted the AI’s images of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. He wrote: “This is what an AI thinks the Simpsons would look like IRL. Of course, when we bring cartoons into real life, something gets lost in the middle. These characters are not meant for the real world, so some of their iconic characteristics will be lost in the process. The now human-like family is a far cry from the original idea. Homer just looks like an ordinary man without his iconic appearance. The AI has done its job of making a human, but the iconic look is lost in the process. Imagine a live-action, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this guy is Homer Simpson.

Marge and Maggie

The fans didn’t get this well, and we assume that The Simpsons Producers can easily discard any future live-action. One wrote “Thanks, I hate it”, while another one states “Why would anyone be interested in what a realistic Simpsons character looks like?”. This last fan, certainly misses the point of “what if” or “just because”.

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The AI messes up some unique characteristics

Fan response was mixed, and we assume that The Simpsons Producers can easily discard any future live-action. One wrote, “Thanks, I hate it,” while another said, “Why would anyone be interested in what a realistic Simpsons character looks like? This last fan certainly misses the point of “what if” or “just because”.

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It was not too hard to identify Marge thanks to her unique hairstyle. Obviously, this does not fit well in real life. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa are quite disturbing. One fan even said, “Why do Lisa and Bart look like they want to kill me in my sleep? The art is really scary, like watching two AI children begging to be freed from their digital prison. Interestingly, we also have some “heating” comments. They state that these AI creations need to be ” thrown into the fire” and ” killed with fire”. Yeah, fire is a huge part of the game.

The Simpsons

Of Course, there were some fans that were positive about this, even enjoying the results with Homer. One fan wrote “Damn. I’m Homersexual,” while another tweeted, “Not gonna lie, Homer could get in. When it comes to Maggie, people got upset, too. After all, the iconic eternal baby has nothing to do with the original material in this re-imagination. She doesn’t even have her iconic dummy.

Can a “The Simpsons Live-Action movie succeed”? AI may have the answer

Honestly, the AI tried its best, but apart from Homer, it did not stay very faithful to the original material. Maggie is unrecognizable, Marge had her hair shortened, and Bart lost his iconic Red Shirt but retained his spiky hair. Lisa lost her star hair to a conventional one and also lost her dress and pearl necklace. Okay, I can’t imagine star-shaped hair in real life, but this does not seem to be the best outcome.

So what are your impressions so far of this A.I.-made live-action Simpsons version? Would a movie like this succeed, or has it lost all the appeal that made the cartoon so popular for all those years?

One thing I know, we’ve only scratched the surface of what the AI tech can produce. Talking about OpenAI, ChatGPT-4 is already impressive. And the development of GPT-5 already began.


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