TSMC Lighting the Way For Advanced 2-nanometer Process

TSMC 2-nanometer process

There is a belief that owns the information – owns the world. No one can deny this. But another reality doesn’t yield the one above: all digital products require chips. So we can combine these two ideas to form a new one: whoever creates chips – owns the world (GizChina©). In this sense, all roads lead to Taiwan, not Rome. The thing is that TSMC is the world’s largest and most successful chipmaker. But to keep that title, it has to stay on its toes. It also has to bring new processes faster than its limited rivals. We can’t nitpick because the Taiwanese manufacturer is doing an excellent job. As the latest report said, mass production of the 2-nanometer process will begin in 2025.

TSMC To Debut 2-nanometer Process Soon

In fact, the news that TSMC will begin mass production of the next-gen 2-nanometer process in two years is consistent with the timeframe leaked prior to this. TSMC’s Senior Vice President of R&D and Technology stated some time ago that the project is on track. Nothing should stand in the way of entering the test-production phase in 2024.

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TSMC 2-nanometer process

For those who do not know, the size of the transistors that make up a chip is an essential feature in this sphere. The smaller they are, the more they can be packed onto a chip, resulting in faster processing speeds and lower power consumption.

Transistors are often measured in nanometers, where a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. The fewer nanometers, the smaller the transistors and the more sophisticated the chip technology.

But as chip technology advances and transistors get smaller, making devices with even fewer transistors becomes more complex and expensive. This is because the process node requires greater accuracy and control, and the frequency of defects increases as transistor size decreases. As a result, chipmakers must develop and invest in new processes to meet market expectations.

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