WTF? Monster Energy sues Capcom and Pokémon for use of the word “Monster”

Monster Energy

In the past few days, I’ve come across one of the most bizarre lawsuits ever filed. You can correct me if I’m wrong, but this is just weird. The popular energy drink company Monster Energy went after the Pokémon Company and Capcom over their use of the word “Monster”. Capcom uses it in the popular open-world RPG game “Monster Hunter” whereas Pokémon has the term “monster” hidden in its own branding, the term Pokémon stands for Pocket Monsters. This bizarre legal battle ended up shortly after this start, thankfully this bizarre did not take much time and resources.

Monster Energy begins an inquisition against multiple products/products

The Monster Energy dispute was filed in Japan, but the court did not take much time to judge and vanquish it. The company has issued complaints for the user of its “Monster” trademark on different products. In fact, the energy drink maker seems to be on a quest to prevent anyone from using this word. In fact, they’ve filed over 100 complaints in Japan of all sorts of companies and brands that have been using the word “Monster” in some way.

Monster Energy

To those unaware, a few years ago, Ubisoft announced its Greek Mythology game dubbed “Gods and Monsters”. However, the game was rebranded to “Immortals Fenyx Rising” a few years after the announcement. Ubisoft stated that this was a creative decision. However, it seems to have been moved by another lawsuit filed by Monster Energy. Apparently, Ubisoft did not want to go through the stress and just rebranded its game prior to its launch. Still, this is super bizarre.

The energy drink maker will not give up

Monster Energy is quickly achieving popularity as a “patent troll” on this topic. We’ve seen countless cases like this one in the tech industry. Despite this new outcome, Monster shows no interest in retreating. Although it will leave the games alone, at least for a while, it keeps going after other brands. It keeps filing complaints against other companies. The company argues that the use of “Monster” in other names/products will confuse consumers.

This does not make much sense, after all, nobody is stupid enough to confuse an energy drink with a game… Even so, Monster Energy seems to be very concerned. As per the Japanese entities, this does not make any sense. After all, there is no evidence of a drop in the sales of the energy drink. Thankfully, the legal powers disagree.

Monster Energy

Is Monster trying to get monetary compensation from these cases? This does not seem to be working. In fact, this may bring the opposite effect as the company keeps burning resources to fill weird unwinnable lawsuits.

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