Whatsapp users can now chill – a new security feature is here

Whatsapp linking second smartphone

New security features are being added to WhatsApp to stop fraud and illicit use. Account Protect, Device Verification, and Automatic Security Codes are a few of these.


Account Protect: For further protection, WhatsApp may ask you to confirm on your old mobile phone when moving to a new device to make sure it’s really you. This will notify you of illegal attempts to move your account.

Device Verification: The app set up checks do not require your involvement. This allows uninterrupted use even if your device is hacked. This is to guard against mobile device viruses that might abuse your phone without your consent. This will also stop any illegal attempt to transmit messages via Whatsapp

Automatic Security Codes: Users who have fears about security can manually verify users using our security code feature. WhatsApp has added a security feature based on “Key Transparency” to make this process more user – friendly. When you click on the “Encrypt” tab, this option right away affirms secure connections. It ensures that your private words remain private. For further security, WhatsApp also suggests turning on end – to – end encryption and two-step authentication.


Key Transparency (KT)

KT, a new crypto – graphic safety function from WhatsApp, quickly checks to encrypt connections without asking for extra user input. The end – to – end encrypted trust that is public to all users is boosted by this feature. In order to assist the KT’s growth, WhatsApp has also made public an open – source path called Auditable Key Directory (AKD). This allows anyone to check audit proofs of the directory’s quality.

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KT system has two main parts

  • In order to track changes to the directory, the server (WhatsApp) keeps an append – only AKD of public keys linked to user accounts.
  • Through the WhatsApp directory, users can quickly and easily verify the safety of dialogue, which helps security – conscious users.
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WhatsApp Feature

In order to confirm that private chats are end – to – end encrypted at every stage, WhatsApp’s new service uses public audit. However, users can still use the normal security code check. This is in addition to the new auto process if they would rather not use WhatsApp servers.

Using public / private key pairs, WhatsApp’s “Verify Security Code” page works easily. To provide a safe, end – to – end encrypted chat, each contact has a QR code and a 60 – digit number that users can verify outside of WhatsApp.

This gets rid of the need to verify contact outside of WhatsApp. Of course, we know that this can be difficult. It is more so in direct chats, small groups, or large groups with many device changes

WhatsApp Security Feature

Launch Date

In the coming months, the app will roll out new updates. Recent info from the company reveals that the setup of the KT feature will give users who depend on the function to check security codes. There will also be ease of use when users need to verify any device when it arrives for mobile phones. This feature should arrive for Android mobile phones first before moving on to iOS.

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