AI is set to go beyond simply taking jobs


We’re now experiencing the start of the age of AI with the rise of ChatGPT, DALL-E, Bard, and other solutions. OpenAI set the world by storm when it unveiled the first demo of ChatGPT to overall users. The smart chatbot, capable of generating conversation-like texts, completely revamped the way we interact with the web or search for info. It surprised giants like Google that began a race to push their own AI solutions. Right now, every company needs to join OpenAI or develop its own AI solution.

Otherwise, they will be crushed by a new trend for AI tech. There are multiple AI solutions rising such as image generators, text generators, and even metaverse-world generators. With simple commands, you can get quick responses, create art, and even command them to build programs. Some of them are scary, because of their ability to replace human jobs, but apparently, it goes beyond that.

AI is set to disrupt the entire industry

Many of the trending AI solutions can represent a threat to certain people. Image Generators can, in the future, replace human artists. After all, solutions like DALL-E can quickly create images from a few text commands. They will give you a myriad of results in just a few seconds. This is just the start, and in the future, we expect OpenAI’s image generator to become even more powerful. As we’ve said, this is just one scenario where AI can replace one human job. There are many others, but a new report states that the rise of AI can disrupt entire industries.

If we look back to the past, the rise of automation, completely revamped the industry. It cut millions of jobs but also raised the need for others. If we go back to the Industrial Revolution, the rise of technology brought big changes to things like production lines. The advancements keep cutting jobs across history, and they are not only related to AI. The technology behind self-checkout scanners replaces a number of checkout counters in supermarkets that were formerly run by employees. Nowadays, there are even automated machines for hotels. As you can say, automation replacing jobs is not a new thing.

The big change with AI is that it goes beyond automation. Solutions like ChatGPR or DALL-E are not only replacing existing jobs. It replaces jobs and also disrupts existing industries in ways that affect the people who are not employed in them yet. Right now, education is one of the sectors suffering the biggest transformation.

ChatGPT represents a revolution in education

ChatGPT is a huge transformation for education as we know. First of all, it allows students to generate quick responses without much effort. You can generate essays, analyze problems, and even write code. It can do wonders as an assist tool, but for some, it can ease the path. Okay, okay, for students that just want quick answers, we had Google for years. But the fact is that ChatGPT does everything in a more conventional and practical way.

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The education segment will need to change but that is because AI detection algorithms are not properly optimized. Right now, this tech tries to say if a text is generated by AI or not. The problem is that this will likely never work. You will put regular text into an algorithm that you trust will tell you if something comes from AI or not. Considering that now all queries from ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing are actually correct, how can we trust an algorithm to determine if something is human or AI-made?

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Most of the AI detection algorithms are simple ways to determine whether the text comes from humans or AI. These ways can’t be trusted 100% of the time. Apparently, one of the ways is to check if a text is simple and easy to understand. If that’s the case, then it’s one point to consider it an AI-based text. When you use hard-to-understand language, flourishes, and other stuff, then the AI will likely get the text that comes from a human.

One time that AI detectors can’t be trusted, it’s hard to detect a student using AI tools. The education industry will need to go through a deep transformation. One time that they can’t prevent the use of ChatGPT on essays, they will need to find other ways to judge students.

The rise of AI will also disrupt other industries

Obviously, the crisis goes beyond education. Right now, it seems to be one suffering most with the rise of AI, but there is more to come. News Reporting is also another industry set to experience some changes with AI. The Association Press has used AI for nearly a decade for its corporate earnings and putting together sports scores. Since then, other websites like CNET have used AI to generate articles. However, these brought blatantly wrong information and even plagiarized content. Right now, it’s hard to trust AI for certain outcomes, but this is just the beginning.

Things are set to change for certain companies that run help desks and support staff. Nowadays, if you head to a customer service chat, you’ll face a chatbot with limited outcomes. In most cases, you end up frustrated while you need to wait for a real person to get back to you. In this regard, chatbots can completely change the segment. ChatGPT-4, for example, can completely replace a service agent. The chatbot can still give wrong or inaccurate info, but even customer service agents can fall in this line.


Of course, there is a big barrier preventing an AI revolution. Not all companies are ready to dive into this revolution. To power a solution like AI, you will need a powerful service center. Of course, you can rely on existing solutions, but for some specific cases that won’t be possible.

There is much concern surrounding this theme. Right now, we don’t think that AI will be able to replace every job. Can it write code? Yeah, but it still needs someone to give instructions. Sometimes, it will make the wrong decisions. For some outcomes, AI will do tasks without any issues, but for others, there is not much to fear right now. It will certainly have bigger impacts on the industry, and we are probably seeing the start of a new revolution.

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