Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows you must watch

Netflix, certainly the most popular streaming service in the world, offers plenty of quality content. Yet, considering the vast amount of content, it is not always easy to find interesting stuff. If you’re a sci-fi fan, here you will find the 10 best TV shows that you can watch on your on Netflix.

Lost in space – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

A space journey TV show

Netflix Lost in Space TV Show

Based on a movie from ’90, Lost in space Sci-Fi TV Show brings an interesting story about a family traveling on a starship. On the way to their final destination, they get lost. We follow their path through various parts of the universe and their adventures.

The story of this TV Show is interesting and tense, so it keeps you sat back all the time. In short, this is very good work, considering the hyperproduction of trash TV Shows in recent years. Three seasons are available at this moment.

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If I hadn’t met you – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

A time travel Sci-Fi series

If I hadn't met you Netflix

This Spanish Sci-Fi time travel TV show is excellent work. Maybe you haven’t heard about it yet, because of the overrated Casa de Papel, but will be surprised how good it is when you start watching.

Spanish production on Netflix in the last few years is excellent, due to EU regulation which requires that a certain percentage of the content on streaming services like Netflix has to be domestic production.

If I hadn’t met you has only one season, and that’s actually goodt. The story is consistent, and it has a logical ending, which makes it one of the best European TV shows on Netflix.

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Sisyphus – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

Action Time Travel

Sisyphus The Myth Netflix TV Show

First off, it should be noted here that Sisyphus is a TV Show of Korean production. For some of you, it may not be suitable, because of a different approach to filmmaking compared to Hollywood. You should watch Sisyphus TV Show only if you’re a fan of the time travel theme. It offers very interesting, and quite logical ideas about the paradox. On the other hand, some parts may seem boring to some, but we advise you not to skip them or rush through them because you could miss important details.

Some scenes may be overwhelming due to cultural differences between Korea and the West, and one might assume that it should not be on the To 10 list, but once you get into excellent Korean production, you will discover a whole new world of movies and TV shows, which you may find more interesting than boring Hollywood trash. In my opinion, this is one of the best Netflix time travel originals ever.

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Archive 81 – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

Misterious Time Travel

Netflix Archive 81 TV Show

You could classify this TV show as horror, thriller,  SF, or time travel, and you would be right in each case. This is one of the few recent American Sci-Fi Shows that deserves a high place on your watching list. Archive 81 comes with pretty well-developed events, opening questions, with interesting answers eventually. Although the series is supposed to get a continuation, i.e. a second season, its status is currently paused, but regardless, the ending is really spectacular, so maybe it’s better that the second season doesn’t even happen.

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Dark – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

Time Travel & Parallel Universe

Dark - Netflix TV Show

Gizchina News of the week

Excellent artwork of German production. Another Sci-Fi TV show on Netflix, thanks to the EU regulation I mentioned before. In contrast to many other, mostly American Sci-Fi TV Shows, Dark is unbelievably done better. On the other hand, the plot is a little bit complicated. You need to pay attention all the time and pause every time you go to the fridge to get some food.

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Nevertheless, when you jump into the story, and catch the connections between characters, you will probably get addicted to it. So, you’ve been warned.

Dark has three seasons, with a logical ending. There’s no need for news seasons since these three are done great. Among the Best, this one could be placed very high. Dark could be really one of the best Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows.

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Colony – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

Alien Invasion Sci-Fi TV Show

Colony - Netflix TV Show

This TV Show is not Netflix Original and dates way before Netflix even came to some countries. Colony is one of the few last US Sci-Fi TV Shows that deserve attention. The story is located in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, occupied by aliens, and divided by large walls.

Three seasons are available, with a fourth reportedly canceled. Anyway, this Sc-Fi TV Show is worth watching, all three of seasons, because of the very good plot and tense scenes.

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To the Lake – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

A Tense Post-Apocalyptic TV Show

To the Lake Netflix TV Show

Netflix Original in the Russian language. The plot is located in post-apocalyptic Moscow, with survivors trying to find a way to the lake, which is said to be some kind of sanctuary. We follow several families on their path. It is worth noting that it keeps you tense all the time.

Sadly, at the moment, only one season is available. Because of the war in Ukraine, and sanctions against Russia, the fate of the second season is uncertain.

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The OA – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

Parallel Universe TV Show

The OA Netflix TV Show

This TV show brings a completely different approach to the theme of the parallel universe. An interesting plot and good acting will keep you in front of the screen. There are two seasons available, with the notation that the second one is better than the first. This doesn’t happen often.

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Alice – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

Time Travel TV Show

Alice Netflix

Another great Korean time travels Sci-Fi TV Show with great artwork and consistent development. Unlike the Sisyphus, which brings more action and tense situations, Alice is far more complex, and in some way more sensible. The plot is located in the year 2050. where an agency named Alice makes possible time travel for customers who want to visit their loved ones in the past, while they were still alive. Of course, things get complicated, and the show begins. It certainly deserves to be listed in our Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows.

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The Rain – Top 10 Netflix Sci-Fi TV shows

Post-Apocalyptic TV Show

The rain Netflix

The plot is located in post-apocalyptic Sweeden, where the strange rain devastated all humans on the surface of the Earth. We follow the adventures of a family hiding in one of the bunkers build just for such an event. The story is very well done and keeps you interested in future events.

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