WhatsApp Update: Small Business Owners will Love this New Feature

If you are a small business owner and have been using WhatsApp Business a lot, this new update is for you. WhatsApp is currently working a new business tool. This new tool is coming to help small business owners connect with their customers more easily. At the moment, WhatsApp has an API that businesses are able to use it to reach more customers. However, this API is more useful to large companies. Small companies find it quite difficult in using it. Due to this, WhatsApp has decided to develop a new tool that targets small business owners. This will be very helpful in their messaging campaigns.

More Convenient Way to Use WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business Tool

The new feature will give business owners more control over their business messaging campaigns. It will help them perform tasks such as personalized promotions, reminders as well as holiday sales. This feature will give a lot of convenience to the end user. It will help automate a lot of things that the user has to do them manually on daily basis. WhatsApp Business is gradually becoming a mini e-commerce platform for many users and this new feature will take that even further.

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With this new WhatsApp Business tool, businesses will be able to create custom messages that include the name of a particular customer. Also, they can be able to track the messages in order to know how they are performing. this can go the long way to help track the growth of their business.

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This New WhatsApp Business Tool May Not Come for Free WhatsApp Business Tool

The details of the feature sound exciting but it is not all on a bed of roses. The code of the feature shows that it will come at a cost. The cost of the feature may however vary from each country. Businesses who will make use of this feature will pay for each campaign message they send. However, they can be able to manage the cost in order to stay within their budgets. Another thing to note is that this feature will only be available in the app of the business owner and not on the clients’ app.

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