Meet Growatt VITA 550, the super compact power station

VIVA 550

With the amount of gadgets and appliances in our households constantly increasing, the energy demands are steadily growing as well. And getting your charging options outside the house is nowadays very important for many users. Because even during camping, road or fishing trips you want to be able to sustain your applicances to a certain degree. That’s where the power stations are coming into the picture. And today we have for you a very interesting compact model with Grovatt VITA 550.

Grovatt VITA 550 is certainly one of the smaller power stations out there, but the compact size is not cutting the big potentital and possibilities. VITA 550 comes with the 538Wh capacity and 600W (1050W peak) of output, which should cover up to 90% of your essential outdoor appliances and electronics.  And the long lasting LiFePO4 battery should be good for about 10 years with 3000+ guaranteed cycles. You are of course getting plenty of ports too with 11 versatile outlets. Thanks to smart app it is also much easier to track and control it just up to your liking.

VIVA 550

Fast solar charging

Guys from Growatt are quite the experts in the solar field, so it’s only logical the solar charging is there as well being the welcome option. With 99% MPPT efficiency the solar charging energy conversion is just perfect. And thanks to wider input voltage range it is also compatible with many more solar panel brands and models. In the end you can charge it with solar panel in just 2.5 hours. But of course the choice of wall charging is there too. And with bidirectional inverter technology you can safely ditch the need for big bulky adapters. Everything is being lightweight, while providing fast charging in about 1.8 hours.

And it wouldn’t be us, if we couldn’t come with some good news about the pricing. Because Grovatt VITA 550 is currently on sale through the official website. Instead of the normal $529 you will now pay only $459 with full $70 off. That’s a quite nice price tag for a very powerful, yet super compact power station. Or you can even throw some 100W or 200W solar panels to the package as well. So definitely go check it out.

About Growatt

Founded in 2011, the company has 12 years of experience in residential solar energy solutions and energy storage solutions and is the choice of more than 3 million individuals and family fans. Growatt provides integrated residential solar energy systems including PV inverters, energy storage batteries, EV chargers and energy management systems. Helping to build a stronger base in the energy storage industry as well as in the solar field, compared to other solar generator brands. And for that it is well liked by customers and recognized by authoritative organisations for solar performance across Europe and US.

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