Huawei Resumes Aggressive Expansion in Overseas High-End Market

Huawei P60 Pro 5G

Huawei, known for its dominance in mobile imaging, has once again made a huge impact on the global stage. After the releases of the Mate 50/P60 flagship mobile phones, Huawei has shifted its focus towards the global market. For several quarters, Huawei has not been launching its high – end mobile phones in the global market. It now appears that the company is ready t take the bull by its horn.


Huawei EU Flagship Product Launch

On May 9th, Huawei held the Huawei European flagship new product launch event in Munich, Germany. During the event, the company officially unveiled two new flagship devices. These devices are the Huawei P60 series and the Huawei Mate X3. The market target for these mobile phones is the global market. Huawei plans to conduct similar launch events in Asia – Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and other regions outside China. The company is trying to regain its face in the global market.

Huawei Regains Mobile Imaging Superiority

Huawei made a huge statement by claiming two prestigious awards. One of the awards is the “Best Camera Mobile Phone” by TIPA (Technical Image Press Association). Also, the other award is the top spot on DxOMark image ranking. The company has a 3 point lead over its closest rival and reinstates Huawei as the king of high – end mobile imaging.

Triumphs in TIPA and DXOMARK Awards

TIPA, formed in 1991, is a top photography and imaging award globally recognized as the industry’s “Oscar”. Huawei P60 Pro’s solid imaging standard earns it recognition as an excellent option for users seeking a superior mobile image output. The device changes light convergence and offers top light – sensing and focus. These without effort captures high – quality photos with little or no complex tweaks.


The DXOMARK image score is well known in the mobile phone imaging realm, further affirms Huawei P60 Pro’s prowess. With a historic score of 156 points, Huawei tops its closest rival by a huge margin in various sub – categories. It now set a new record for other brands to try and beat.

Tech Prowess Behind Huawei’s Success

Huawei’s ability to steadily surpass its rivals is no doubt linked to its cutting – edge tech prowess. The growth of the P series has been linked to the progress in mobile imaging. Last year, Huawei’s Mate 50 series launched the ultra – variable XMAGE imaging system. This set a new standard for judging mobile camera prowess. Huawei did build on the XMAGE standard and the Huawei P60 series brings a top imaging leap.

The super – focus XMAGE system in the P60 series re – defines the optical system architecture. It totally changes the mobile phone camera experience. By subverting regular light convergence methods and using optical – mechanical – computer links, Huawei got a huge leap in light input for both the main and telephoto cameras. This innovation results in the industry’s first super – focus night vision telephoto system. It sets a new standard for low – light telephoto camera. Also, the Huawei P60 Pro boasts the thinnest and lightest imaging flagship body. It measures just 8.03mm and underscores Huawei’s tech leadership.


Gizchina News of the week

Huawei P60 Pro’s telephoto and macro capabilities have also gotten huge progress. This device comes with a long – stroke sliding – axis zoom lens group. Thus, users can now capture clear images from long – range to macro distances. This feature enables users to explore new zones when taking images or subjects such as pets. Even in low – light areas, it works quite well make it a useful tool for pet photography.

Global Market Development and Competitive Edge

Despite facing some huge issues in both the Chinese and global markets, Huawei remains focused to R&D as well as innovation. This has enabled the company to retain a strong position mostly in the high – end market. Recent market data reveals that Huawei’s growth stands out amidst a decline in the overall mobile phone sales. While other brands records a decline in sales, Huawei has shown huge growth against the trend.

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He Gang, the COO of Huawei Terminal BG, said that Huawei is back to a normal product release rhythm. The company also has the ability to compete head-on with Apple in the high – end market. He said

“Before, we were evenly divided with Apple in the high  – end market above 5,000 yuan, but after we were banned, our share was started going down. But I also saw that as long as we release new phones, the iPhone’s market share will decline to a certain extent. In the high – end market, it seems that only Huawei can compete with Apple.”

Huawei’s success can be linked to its huge funding of its R&D. In 2022, the company pegged $23.8 billion towards R&D. These funds focuses on first exploration. Huawei was somehow able to complete the replacement of over 13,000 parts and 4,000 circuit boards. This shows the company’s ability to grow the tech industry.

Huawei P60 Pro’s Impact on the Global Market

Of course, Huawei has been “out” of the global market for quite some time now. However, it came back with a huge force, releasing two of its best mobile phones at the same time. The impact of the Huawei P60 Pro on the global market may not be instant. However, the company has some loyal fans that has been waiting for its devices. Huawei has held down its position as a leader in flagship imaging tech and pinned its status as the mobile imaging king.


The company is commited to the global market is evident as it plans to host new product launches worldwide. This strong message shows its solid dedication to the global growth and its drive to build a decent high – end brand. Echoing He Gang’s words, Huawei’s ambition is clear: to become the top player in the high – end market.

Final Words: Huawei’s Path to Excellence

The Chinese brand has a huge desire to pursue a top rank in the mobile imaging sector. The company is showing this with its global launch of the P60 Pro as well as the Mate X3. These devices shows the cutting – edge tech of the company and which it can do. The camera of this phone, the P60 Pro is second to none.

With the launch of the ultra – variable XMAGE imaging system in the Mate 50 series, the company changed the way mobile imaging specs are judged. It also did work on the tech and the P60 Pro was able to take it a step further by adding the super – focus XMAGE imaging system. This brings a huge leap to the optical system and re – shapes the mobile phone camera output.

The top imaging system of the P60 Pro changes the way light converges. It boosts the light – sensing and focus system. It boasts a huge leap in light input for both the main camera and telephoto camera. This will allow the for the release of the first super – focus night vision telephoto system.

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