Apple’s new patent shows a self-healing folding screen crease

Foldable iPhone
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The market for mobile phones with folding screens has seen rapid growth during the past two years. However, a big issue with folding screen mobile phones, though, is the clear creases that these gadgets have. Of course, straight screens do not have crease issues because they do not fold. As a result, mobile phone brands have been looking for answers to the crease problem for a while now. The United States Trademark and Patent Office’s (USPTO) formula list just surfaced online. We can see from the list that Apple recently secured a patent for a foldable phone. This patent’s key selling feature is that it allows the crease region to self – heal.

Apple folding screen patent

Apple is working on a new method for creases to heal on their own using heat, light, electrical current, or other kinds of external stimuli. With this tech, the risk of damaging the folding screen by mistake will hugely decrease.

Apple foldable phone to launch in the future

Apple expects a gadget with a hinge in the future, and the idea of a hinged device is also very exciting. Using this design, which enables the gadget to fold through the hinge, users will be able to gain more screen space in a single device. The gadget might be made easier to carry by using a flexible screen cover on the hinge part, placed between the first and second stiff components of the display cover.

Apple also intends to add a layer of self – healing tech to the screen cover in order to enhance the look and feel of modern gadgets and lessen the risk of scratches and dents. The self – healing fabric layer may be created over the full display cover layer or just in its flexible regions.

Apple folding screen patent

In order to improve flexibility, the display cover layer may have an elastomeric layer in its flexible area. Using external stimuli like heat, light, and electric current, the body may heal itself.

Apple folding screen phone rumours

Apple has been known for its innovative products, and the latest buzz is about the company’s foldable phone. The rumors surrounding the foldable iPhone have been around for a while, and it seems like the company is finally working on it. In this essay, we will discuss everything we know so far about the Apple foldable phone rumors.

Foldable iPhone

Release Date

The release date of the foldable iPhone has been a topic of discussion for a while. According to a report by TechRadar, a 2021 source suggest that we wouldn’t be seeing a foldable iPhone until 2023 at the earliest. However, recent rumours suggest that the iPhone Fold could launch in 2023. The report is based on an “industry insider” who claims that Apple plans to launch an 8-inch foldable iPhone by 2023. The report also suggests that Apple is working on a foldable tablet.

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According to a report by Tom‘s Guide, Ming – Chi Kuo claims that the first foldable iPhone will have a huge display measuring 8 inches. That would be larger than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which offers a 7.6 – inch display when it unfolds. The report also suggests that Apple is working on a folding phone which similar in orientation to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Moto Razr.

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The design of the foldable iPhone is still a mystery. However, a TechRadar report claims that foldable iPhone rumours fall broadly into two camps. There are those that suggest the device will have a true folding display. However, others claim that this device will come with two distinct displays separated by a hinge. The report also suggests that Apple’s offering could be the most refined version of a foldable we’ve seen yet.

Foldable iPhone
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Apple has been granted several patents related to foldable devices. According to a report by Tom’s Guide, a pair of patents won by Apple cover durable foldable displays as well as a foldable screen with textured flexible areas. Those patents don’t mention a phone specifically, so Apple could also be mulling over a foldable tablet.


Foldable phones are quickly entering their golden age, with exciting products from Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Honor joining Samsung’s already popular models. According to a report by TechRadar, those aforementioned phone makers still haven’t ironed out some of the bigger issues faced by foldable devices, like display durability and battery life. It’s hoped that Apple’s offering could be the most refined version of a foldable we’ve seen yet.


The rumours surrounding the Apple foldable phone have been around for a while, and it seems like the company is finally working on it. The release date of the foldable iPhone should be in 2023, and the device should have a huge display measuring 8 inches. The design of the foldable iPhone is still a mystery, but Apple has approval for several patents that links to foldable devices. The competition in the foldable phone market is fierce. However, Apple fans hope that Apple’s offering could be the most refined version of a foldable we’ve seen yet.

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At its I/O developer conference in the wee hours of May 11, Google announced the release of the Pixel Fold, its first foldable mobile phone. Apple is now the only major company without a folding screen mobile phone after the launch of the Google Pixel Fold. Undoubtedly, many Apple fans have concerns about this. The find of Apple’s latest folding screen patent this time around shows the company is also quietly looking into the field.

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