Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 phones face battery drain and overheating issues

Google Pixel 7a

Pixel 7 users have been reporting issues with battery drain and overheating on various online forums. Despite Google’s reputation for producing quality phones with top-notch cameras, battery life has never been their strongest feature. However, a recent update has seemingly exacerbated the power draw, leading to a negative impact on battery life. Additionally, some users have reported experiencing overheating issues, which only adds to the problem.

Pixel Users Report Battery Drain and Overheating Issues

According to the tech website Engadget, a reader wrote in to complain that the Google app was eating up their Pixel 6 Pro’s battery and causing it to overheat. They attempted to roll back to an older version of the app. But it only solved the battery issue, not the overheating. After a quick check of Reddit, Google support forum, and Twitter, it became clear that many Pixel users were experiencing similar issues.

While it seems that Google is aware of the issue, they have not been of much help in resolving it yet. At present, there are few options available to users. They can turn on Adaptive Battery and battery optimization or try enabling Extreme Battery Saver. But this option limits apps and features.

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