Google Bard: All You Need To Know About ChatGPT’s Competitor

After months of waiting, Google’s AI-driven chatbot – Google Bard – is finally here. Following Google I/O, the service left its limited access and is now available in over 180 countries. Now, Google will have the task to make Google Bard as powerful and popular as ChatGPT. OpenAI’s solution has been available for several months and already conquered millions of users across the world and established partnerships with many companies. With Bard out, we believe that there are some questions rising for users. Through this article (via), we will try to answer some of these questions.

Introducing Google Bard

This is not the best way to describe it, simply put, Bard is a chatbot like ChatGPT. It’s an AI tool that uses LaMDA and PaLM2. As revealed in the Google I/O, Bard can help you with a lot of tasks. It can assist with tasks such as homework, coding, story creation, and contextual recommendations. The AI helps you understand complex concepts and delivers simplified, easy-to-read information.

Google Bard

As mentioned earlier, Google Bard uses the Language Model For Dialogue Applications (LaMDa) tech. It’s a huge family of big conversational language models created by Google. This initiative is out since 2020 as Meena. In 2021, Google released the first version, and in the 2023’s edition, it launched the second generation.

One difference between OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Bard is the data source. Bard is more capable of pulling out the latest information. After all, it uses real-time data from the web and combines it with its prior knowledge. It’s important to note that both OpenAI and Google will continue to improve their chatbots. So their current limitations are only… current limitations. These companies can overcome these limitations to further improve the experience in the future.

Google Bard begins its global journey

Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager, of Google Assistant, stated that: “Bard continues to rapidly improve and learn new abilities. We want people around the world to try out ‘Bard” and share their feedback”. In light of this, Google expanded Bard’s availability to over 180 counties and territories.

Google Bard is available in multiple languages including Korean, Bengali, and Japanese. In India, it’s also available with support for distinct dialects. In fact, the AI chatbot will support about 40 dialects from various locations.

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Bard AI

How To Use Google Bard?

To use Bard, you need to head over to or write Bard in the search engine. You will see a window with a short description of Google Bard. It will offer suggestions on what Google Bard can do. Further, it will also ask you to sign in, and you can click on the option “Try Bard”. It will redirect you to a page to type a prompt question. Using Bard should not be difficult for those who are familiar with ChatGPT or its Bing variation

Key Features Coming with the AI

Besides working as a nice chatbot to assist you in multiple tasks, Bard also represents a revolution for the whole ecosystem of Google Apps. Google plans to integrate the AI in most of its applications and services. For instance, we will see it reaching Gmail through the “Help me Write” feature. This feature allows the chatbot to write emails for you, follow specific commands, apply formal or informal language, and so on. The goal is to improve your productivity.


Google Maps with Bard also promises to bring immersive views for routes, and Google Photos’ Magic Eraser is now being rebranded to Magic Editor with the use of Bard Tech. Google Bard is also being introduced on Google Search. In the future, Google’s main product promises to be much more effective in providing you with quality results. One of the things that made the AI chatbots popular is that, unlike searches, you get the information immediately. You no longer need to navigate through multiple results and websites to get the needed info. We expect Google to further improve its “main product” to be fully powered by the AI chatbot. To recap, some of the Google Apps set to bring Bard tech include:

  • Gmail – Help Me Write
  • Google Maps – Immersive View For Routes
  • Google Photos – Magic Editor
  • Google Search – Richer experience.

The Future is Open – More Possibilities will come

Worth noting that this is just the beginning of the road for Google Bard. Now with its expanded availability users will finally have wide access to the new AI chatbot. It will continue learning and will be further improved. In the near future, we expect most of Google’s services to be fully integrated with Google Bard. For now, you can start using it (assuming you’re inside of the coverage scope) to get familiar with and find the differences between Bard and ChatGPT.

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