Apple Music and Maps Get New Concert Discovery Tools

Apple Music

Apple is stepping up its game in the world of concert discovery with new features for its flagship apps, Apple Music and Apple Maps. These updates aim to enhance the live music experience for fans. These updates offer additional methods to discover concerts and explore venues. They also help Apple’s services stay competitive in comparison to rivals such as Spotify. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of these latest innovations and how they’re changing the way we discover live music.

Introducing Set Lists on Apple Music

Apple Set Lists
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Apple Music is now offering a new feature called Set Lists, which allows users to browse and listen to the set lists from their favorite artists on tour. This means fans can get a taste of what they can expect at upcoming concerts and learn more about the productions behind the shows.

Discovering Upcoming Shows in Your Area

The Set Lists feature also personalizes the concert discovery experience by enabling fans to browse shows in their local area. This makes it easier for users to find live music events happening nearby, ensuring they never miss out on a great concert.

Initial Artist Lineup

To kick off the Set Lists feature, Apple Music has initially included artists like Sam Smith, BLACKPINK, Peso Pluma, Kane Brown, Blink-182, and Ed Sheeran. While the company hasn’t provided details on how often these Set Lists will be updated with more artists and tours, we can expect to see more additions over time.

Concert Discovery on Apple Maps

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Apple Maps is also getting in on the concert discovery action with the addition of over 40 new Guides curated by Apple Music editors. These Guides will highlight music venues across 10 cities worldwide, providing users with a wealth of information about different concert locations and their upcoming shows.

Integration with Shazam’s Concert Discovery Feature

Apple Maps is further enhancing its concert discovery capabilities by integrating Shazam’s concert discovery feature. This feature, which rolled out last spring, allows concertgoers to discover nearby live shows using information from artist discovery platform Bandsintown. Now, users can access this discovery tool through Apple Maps as well.

Global Coverage of Music Venues

Major Cities Included

The new Guides to music venues will be available in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, and San Francisco in North America; Berlin, London, Paris, and Vienna in Europe; Tokyo, Melbourne, and Sydney in the Asia-Pacific region; and Mexico City in Latin America.

A Wide Range of Venues

These Guides will cover a diverse range of music venues, from iconic symphony halls like Carnegie Hall in New York and Musikverein in Vienna, to techno clubs in Brooklyn and Tokyo, to live jazz spots in Paris, and more. This ensures that users will have plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect concert experience.

Leveraging Primephonic Acquisition

The Classical Music Connection

Apple’s acquisition of classical music streaming service Primephonic may have played a role in the development of the concert discovery features. Primephonic served as the basis for the new Apple Music Classical app, which could have provided valuable insights and content about classical music venues for the curated Guides.

Comparing Apple’s Concert Discovery Features with Spotify

Personalization and Customization

While Apple’s new concert discovery features are a welcome addition for its users, they may not be enough to entice them to switch from Spotify. Spotify currently offers more robust concert discovery functionality, thanks to its personalized Live Events Feed, which is tailored to users’ interests. Apple’s new Guides, on the other hand, aren’t customized for the end user and are curated by Apple Music editors, similar to a guidebook offering.

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Artist Growth and Discovery Tools

Spotify also provides growth and discovery tools for artists. These tools allow them to market their merchandise and live events in the app, as well as get their new releases in front of fans within the main music discovery feed. This gives Spotify an edge in terms of artist support and overall user experience.

Live Events Feed Features

Users of Spotify’s Live Events Feed can also tap a button to save an event to their own calendar and browse other shows worldwide. This level of functionality is currently not available with Apple’s concert discovery features, which may limit their appeal to some users.

The Rollout of Apple’s New Concert Discovery Features

Availability and Access

Apple’s new concert discovery features are rolling out starting today, but they may take some time to reach the global user base. The Guides to music venues can be accessed within the Maps app at, while the Set Lists feature can be found on Apple Music at

The Impact on the Live Music Industry

Increased Exposure for Venues and Artists

As Apple expands its concert discovery features, it could potentially have a significant impact on the live music industry. By offering increased exposure for music venues and artists through curated Guides and Set Lists, Apple is creating new opportunities for fans to discover and attend live shows, which could ultimately boost ticket sales and revenue for the industry.

Enhancing the Concertgoing Experience

These new features also have the potential to enhance the overall concertgoing experience for fans. By providing more information about venues, artists, and upcoming shows, Apple is helping users make informed decisions about which concerts to attend and what to expect when they get there.

The Future of Concert Discovery on Apple Platforms

Potential for Further Expansion

While Apple’s current concert discovery features are a solid start, there’s always room for improvement and expansion. As the company continues to invest in these features, we could see even more innovative tools and functionalities that make finding and attending live music events even easier and more enjoyable for users.

Opportunities for Collaboration with Industry Partners

There’s also potential for Apple to collaborate with industry partners, such as Bandsintown, to further enhance its concert discovery offerings. By working together, Apple and its partners could create new ways to connect fans with live music experiences and support the growth of the live music industry.

The Growing Importance of Concert Discovery in the Streaming Age

The Role of Streaming Services in Concert Discovery

As streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify continue to dominate the music industry, they’re also becoming increasingly important in the realm of concert discovery. With millions of users and vast libraries of music at their fingertips, these platforms have the potential to revolutionize the way we find and attend live music events.

Meeting the Needs of Fans and Artists Alike

In order to stay competitive in this evolving landscape, streaming services must continue to innovate and create new features that cater to the needs of both fans and artists. By offering tools like Set Lists and curated Guides, Apple is demonstrating its commitment to enhancing the concert discovery experience and supporting the live music industry as a whole.


Apple’s new concert discovery features on Apple Music and Apple Maps are an exciting step forward for fans and the live music industry alike. While there’s still room for growth and improvement, these features are a solid foundation for future innovations in the world of live music discovery. As the competition between streaming services heats up, it will be interesting to see how Apple continues to evolve its offerings and maintain its position in the ever-changing landscape of music streaming and concert discovery.


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