Google Bard Can Now Show Image Results

Google is determined to maintain its place as the top search engine in the world. The company launched Bard as a new AI tool to compete with the likes of ChatGPT.

To prove its superiority, Google has taken a step further with its AI tool. At the recent I/O 2023, Google made mention of a couple of new features for Bard. Most of these features are still under development, but Google is ready to roll out one of them.

Google is now rolling out image support for Bard. This update will make it possible for Bard to show images in addition to the search results. This helps the user visualize the search results where necessary. For example, if you search for the best hotels in the U.S, Bard will list each hotel with an image.

Why is Google Bard Image Search Important?Google Bard Image Search

Including image search results in Google Bard is truly a step in the right direction. With images included, users can be able to communicate their ideas better. Also, this will make a more persuasive recommendations and enhance the overall response.

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How Does Google Bard Image Search Work?

Google bard image search works by presenting the image beneath the search results. If the user searches for a list, the image shows below each bullet point with the favicon on the top-right side of the image. Google Bard Image Search

When the user taps on the image, it opens the link. However, hovering over the image will display the url of the image. It also comes with a right-click menu for other options.

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Moreover, users can narrow down their search to display only images. (e.g: Show me images of waterfalls). Google has spoken of more visual features and this is just one of them. In the near future, users will be able to submit an image to Bard and ask a question about it. For example, a user can submit an image of two dog breads and ask Bard to show them the difference between them.

other upcoming features include image generation via Adobe Firefly. Also, Google Bard now supports dark mode and more languages which include Korean and Japanese.

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