Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Game-Changing 5x Optical Zoom Smartphone

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Samsung is rumored to bring a big camera change with the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra. The phone is expected to feature an upgraded zoom camera as per a report from Sammobile. This is a major change after three years of staying with the same sensor. Also, a report from GalaxyClub claims that this new camera will have a 5x optical zoom lens. Of course, this new zoom feature could take the mobile phone camera output to new heightsOptical zoom is a camera feature that allows you to zoom in on a subject without losing image quality. It works by moving the lens elements to change the focal length of the lens. This results in a zoomed image of the subject, without any loss of detail or resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

What is the significance of 5x Optical Zoom?

5x optical zoom means that the camera lens can magnify the subject up to 5 times its original size without any loss of image quality. This is a huge boost over the current zoom feature of most mobile phones, which rely on digital zoom. Digital zoom loses image quality because it crops a part of the image and enlarges it. This makes the image to lose quality along the line. 

With 5x optical zoom, users will be able to capture more detail in their photos, even when the subject is far away. This is mostly useful for nature images, sports images, and other scenes where the subject is at a distance.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – other camera upgrades

While the 5x optical zoom is the most notable camera upgrade on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, there are likely to be other camera upgrades as well. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to have a new telephoto camera. This sensor will work with the main camera to capture more detail and improve low – light image output. Based on the rumours so far, here are some expected features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera:

  • Camera setup: The camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra includes a 200MP main sensor. There will also be a 10MP telephoto camera, another 10MP telephoto camera, and a 12MP ultra – wide camera.
  • Improved zooming capabilities: According to a tip from SamLover, the telephoto lens on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is supposed to get improved zooming capabilities.
  • Folded zoom: Another leaker going by the name @Tech_Reve on Twitter claims that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera could feature a 3x – 10x folded zoom.
  • Variable aperture: According to a renowned tipster, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a wide – angle camera/primary camera with f/1.2 to f/4.0 variable aperture.
  • One less camera: A recent report suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may come with one less camera compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Please note that all the above are just rumours and there is no official report to confirm the leaks and speculations so far.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Optical Zoom vs Digital Zoom

When it comes to photography, there are two main types of zoom: optical zoom and digital zoom. Although both types of zoom allow you to get closer to your subject, they work in very different ways.

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Optical Zoom

Optical zoom uses the lens to physically magnify the image. This means that the lens elements move to change the focal length of the lens, resulting in a magnified image of the subject. Optical zoom is used while taking a picture using a camera to get a close shot of the subject without moving physically closer. Optical zoom capabilities can make a big difference in the final photo. The higher the optical zoom, the photographer can take the photo of the subject from a greater distance and still can get a clear quality shot.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom, on the other hand, enlarges the image electronically by cropping and enlarging the central part of the photograph. It is a part of digital cameras and camcorders, which helps to crop the entire image, and then digitally enlarge the size of the viewfinder of the portion that is zoomed in. Digital zoom can also be used to augment the zooming in capabilities of optical zoom. For example, one can achieve a 10X zoom via 2X optical and 5X digital zoom.

Digital zoom can be used from any distance, but the quality of the image will be lower. Enlarging the “zoomed” area reduces the image resolution and the sizes, different zoom areas, and different zoom algorithms while not losing the original photo. Using digital zoom comes at the price of image quality.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Which one is better?

Despite all the advancements in cameras and digital magnification, optical zoom is better. Optical zoom produces a higher quality image, but it can only be used when you’re close to your subject. Digital zoom can be used from any distance, but the quality of the image will be lower. The higher the digital zoom, the more the image quality will be degraded.

As a general rule, it is always recommended to choose optical zoom over digital zoom. However, digital zoom can be useful in certain situations where you cannot physically move closer to the subject.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to be a major upgrade over its predecessor. This mobile phone should come with a host of new features and upgrades. The 5x optical zoom camera is a huge improvement over the current zoom capabilities of most mobile phones. It will allow users to capture more detail in their photos. With the addition of a new telephoto camera and other camera upgrades, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is shaping up to be a top contender in the smartphone camera market.

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