New GTA Online Content Could Be Teasing GTA 6 Reveal


In case you missed it, GTA Online has just received a brand-new update. Named San Andreas Mercenaries, the update brings a lot of new items and content in GTA 5. And while the new clothing options might seem like regular items of the game, there’s one that might potentially be hinting at a GTA 6 reveal.

The item in question is called “??? Tee,” which contains a lot of odd symbols with lines of numbers around it. And if you know Rockstar, you may already know how good it is at hiding easter eggs and secret messages throughout its games. Well, the odd symbols on the “??? Tee” could possibly have a message for the fans waiting for GTA 6.

Decoding the Secret T-Shirt Message of GTA Online

The “??? Tee” design might seem random at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, the numbers on the T-shirt reveal a pattern. To be exact, each of these numbers attributes to their respective letters in the alphabet, which, as expected, reveals a hidden message. So, does the secret message say anything about GTA 6 release date?

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GTA 6 Secret Message On GTA Online

Not really. Similar to the peculiar name and design, the numbers unveil a mysterious message. The numbers read, “One day will reveal all.” While this message does not mean anything by itself, most of the fans are hoping that Rockstar is teasing a full GTA 6 reveal with it.

GTA 6 Online Leak

But there’s no guarantee that the hidden message is actually hinting at GTA 6 reveal. YouTuber LegacyKillaHD further uncovered some more messages through data mining. They say, “Connect the lines” and “We are watching.” These messages were found alongside a selection of Halloween-themed content for GTA Online.

Therefore, the message on “??? Tee” could be hinting at a complex Halloween event for the game. Ultimately, only time will unveil the true meaning of the message. And if we get any concrete information about GTA 6, we will keep you updated. So, stay tuned.

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