Here’s What the Latest Google Ad About Apple iPhones Is About

Apple iPhone 14 and Google Pixel Ad

In the latest video published on Google’s YouTube channel, Google took subtle jabs at Apple. According to the video, Apple iPhones “lacks innovation.” And according to Google, the lack of innovation is the reason why Apple is unable to push its phones further.

But what does the video have? Well, the video does show both Apple iPhone 14 and Pixel 7. But the role of the iPhone is to lament over the features that it lacks. And while iPhone states all that it does not have, Google Pixel 7 Pro offers consolations.

Google’s Ad Made Apple iPhone Complement the Pixel for Being Feature-packed

The ad starts with Google Pixel asking its iPhone friend if it is feeling alright. To that, the iPhone responds that it has just turned 14. Here, the ‘#BestPhonesForever: Plateau’ video makes it clear that the iPhone character in the video is iPhone 14.

Nonetheless, Apple iPhone continued saying that it started to notice things differently after turning 14. It says that when it was Pixel’s age, it was shown off to its friends. Here, the video is referring to iPhone 7, which was a major success. To be exact, Apple has sold 159.9 million units of iPhone since its launch.

Google Pixel 7 series

Moving on, Apple iPhone in the video further said that it did not get the same treatment when it turned 14. And after saying all of this, the iPhone character of the video starts to complement the Pixel phone. The Apple iPhone in the video praises the Pixel phone for having superior image capabilities.

Apple iPhone 14 vs Google Pixel 7

And if you asked me, the iPhone character of the video is quite right. Pixel phones do come with superior camera capabilities. The iPhone 14 Pro Max ranks 8 in DXOMARK, while the Pixel 7 Pro is ranked 6. For those wondering, DXOMARK gives expert reviews on the latest smartphones and ranks their camera.

In addition, the iPhone 14 in the video mentions Call Assist, 30x Zoom function, and other Pixel-exclusive features. And just like how Google platted the term AI during the I/O 2023 event, the Apple iPhone in the video admits that it’s envious of the Pixel’s AI powers.

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Google Thinks Apple’s Only Show-Off Feature Is iMessage

When it comes to consolations, the Google Pixel phone in the ad says that Apple iPhones are ‘legendary.’ But if you analyze the video, that’s just one of two good things Google says about the iPhone. The second thing that Google says is that iPhones have ‘blue messages.’ With it, Google referenced iMessage.

Apple iPhone iMessage

The iPhone in the video attempts to showcase its worth by saying that it was the most popular device for over a decade and that people wait in line to purchase it. But as it was trying to say those, its battery died, and there was no Lightning charger in sight. So, the conversation in the video ends abruptly.

With that, Google is showcasing its Pixel phones for having USB-C, which is now considered to be a universal charging standard. Although, that comparison factor could soon change with iPhone 15. The latest reports say that Apple will integrate USB-C into the iPhone 15 series.

However, In Reality, iPhone 14 Series Is More Successful Than Google Pixel 7 Series

While the video made by Google is clever, the actual performance numbers will tell you a different story. In fact, you will mock Google after seeing them. To fill you in, Google shipped around 9 million Pixel smartphones last year.

Apple iPhone 14 Series

On the other hand, Apple has shipped 70 million iPhones in just the Q4 of 2022. That’s a massive difference. And if that’s considered, it becomes clear which phone is better. But still, the video does make it clear that it’s put in a mocking tone. You can check it out by yourself here.

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