EU warns Apple: We will ban iPhone sales if the USB-C is limited

Apple iPhone 15 USB-C Port

The European Commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton, has issued a strict warning to Cupertino regarding the potential introduction of USB-C on iPhones. Breton has stated that if USB-C is introduced on iPhones, there must be no limitations or blocks of any kind. Failure to comply with this could result in the EU responding with a sales ban.

Apple Faces Potential Sales Ban from EU if USB-C is Limited on iPhones

USB-C port on iPhone

Apple may already be considering introducing USB-C with the iPhone 15. But rumors suggest that they are exploring ways to monetize the switch. One of the ways being considered is the Made for iPhone (Mfi) certification. It would ensure that top-up speed and full data transfer are only possible with certified accessories. This would limit the reduction in turnover caused by the obligation to comply with the single connector, the USB-C, to Cupertino.

However, the EU appears to be unwilling to listen to any excuses. Commissioner Breton has reportedly written and delivered a letter to Apple Park. To ensure that they are aware of the consequences of not complying with the EU’s regulations. According to colleagues at Die Zelt, Breton stated that “Devices that do not meet the requirements for the single charger will not receive approval for sale in the EU market”.

The EU passed a law at the end of 2022 that stipulates that from 2024, all electronic devices must have USB-C for recharging. The aim is to improve convenience for consumers and reduce electronic waste. It seems that Apple will comply with this requirement with the iPhone 15. However, the EU legislation provides for two deadlines that could allow Cupertino to continue with the Lightning connector for a while longer. States must adapt their laws to the single connector by 28 December this year. However, they are not obliged to enforce these laws until 28 December 2024.

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The introduction of USB-C on iPhones is in line with the EU’s goal of reducing electronic waste and improving convenience for consumers. The EU’s determination to prevent limitations or blocks for consumers is clear. It’s unclear how Apple will respond to the warning and whether it will comply with the regulations by the deadline.

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The Battle Between Apple and the EU Over USB-C on iPhones

iPhone USB-C Charger

The switch to USB-C would bring many benefits to iPhone users. USB-C is a universal connector that is already in use by many other devices, including Android smartphones and laptops. This means that users would be able to charge their iPhones using the same cable that they use for other devices, reducing clutter and simplifying their lives. USB-C also supports faster charging speeds and data transfer rates than Lightning. It would be a significant improvement for iPhone users.

However, it’s clear that Apple is concerned about the impact that the switch to USB-C could have on its profits. By introducing the Mfi certification, Apple would be able to maintain control over the accessories market and generate additional revenue. However, consumers would have to buy Apple-certified accessories to get the full benefits of USB-C if this were to happen.

From a consumer perspective, the switch to USB-C would be a welcome change. Lightning cables are proprietary to Apple and can only be in use with Apple devices. This means that if you lose your cable or forget to bring it with you, you’re out of luck. With USB-C, you could use any cable to charge your iPhone, regardless of the brand or device. So, this would be a significant improvement in convenience for consumers.

The switch to USB-C would also have environmental benefits. With the EU aiming to reduce electronic waste, the introduction of a universal connector would reduce the number of chargers and cables that end up in landfills. It would also reduce the need to manufacture new chargers and cables. This would have a positive impact on the environment.

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